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Model Description Yr
Revel Concerta B-12Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof05
Revel Concerta B-120Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 51 lbs07
Revel Concerta C-12Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way05
Revel Concerta F-12Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 126 lbs05
Revel Concerta M-12Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr, 38 lbs05
Revel Concerta S-12Spkr-Moni   pr, 2 woofs, 2 twtrs05
Revel Peforma C-52Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-8in woofs, 3way05
Revel Performa B-15Subwoofer   powered, 15in driver00
Revel Performa B-15aSubwoofer   powered, 15in woof, 110 lbs05
Revel Performa C-30Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way00
Revel Performa C-32Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-5in woofs, 30 lbs05
Revel Performa C-50Spkr-Moni   ea, ctr, 3way, 45 lbs03
Revel Performa F-30Spkr-Full   pr, 10in woof, 3way, 180 lbs00
Revel Performa F-32Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 140 lbs05
Revel Performa F-50Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 4way01
Revel Performa F-50aSpkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs01
Revel Performa F-52Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 176 lbs05
Revel Performa M-20Spkr-Full   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr, 90 lbs00
Revel Performa M-22Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr, 48 lbs04
Revel Performa S-30Spkr-Moni   pr, surround00
Revel Ultima2 Gem2Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, 3way, 104 lbs07
Revel Ultima2 Salon2Spkr-Full   pr, 3-8in woofs, 400 lbs08
Revel Ultima2 Voice2Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 80 lbs07
Revel Ultima EmbraceSpkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, 3way99
Revel Ultima FoundationSubwoofer   3 band eq02
Revel Ultima GemSpkr-Full   pr, 5in woof, 1in twtr, 70 lbs98
Revel Ultima Gem2Spkr-Full   pr, 52 lbs08
Revel Ultima LE-1Amp-Solid   mono amp for Sub1599
Revel Ultima SalonSpkr-Full   pr, 3-8in woofs, 4way, 480 lbs00
Revel Ultima Salon2Spkr-Full   pr, 4way, 358 lbs08
Revel Ultima StudioSpkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 328 lbs 00
Revel Ultima Studio2Spkr-Full   pr, 3way, 280 lbs08
Revel Ultima Sub15Subwoofer   ea, 15in woof99
Revel Ultima Sub15+LE1Subwoofer   pr, powered, 15in woof, 190 lbs98
Revel Ultima Sub30Subwoofer   powered, 18in woof, 147 lbs04
Revel Ultima VoiceSpkr-Moni   ctr, 75 lbs 99
Revel VoiceSpkr-Moni   ctr, 2-8in woofs, 1.2in twt02
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