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Model Description Yr
Accuphase A-20Amp-Solid   20w, class A, 48 lbs98
Accuphase A-20vAmp-Solid   20w, 2ch, class A03
Accuphase A-45Amp-Solid   45w, class A, 75 lbs06
Accuphase A-50Amp-Solid   50w, class A, bal in, 107 lbs93
Accuphase A-50vAmp-Solid   50w, class A, 102 lbs99
Accuphase A-60Amp-Solid   60w, 2ch, 100 lbs05
Accuphase A-100Amp-Solid   100w, mono pr, class A, 252 lbs each93
Accuphase AC-2Cartridge   MC, 0.18 mV, VTF 1.5-2.5gm, mass 9.5gm, 4 ohms, S-mount85
Accuphase AC-3Cartridge   MC, 0.2 mV, VTF 1.5-2.5gm, mass 7.5gm, 4 ohms, S-mount85
Accuphase AD-9Equalizer   phono eq for E-21203
Accuphase AD-10Equalizer   phono eq for C-245, others03
Accuphase AD-275Pre-Solid   with mm-mc98
Accuphase AD-275vEqualizer   phono eq for C-275v03
Accuphase AD-290vPre-Solid   mm-mc, for C-290v98
Accuphase AD-2800Equalizer   phono eq C-2800, C-240003
Accuphase C-11Pre-Solid   with mc90
Accuphase C-17Pre-Solid   with mc85
Accuphase C-200Pre-Solid   40 lbs 76
Accuphase C-200LPre-Solid   11 inputs85
Accuphase C-200vPre-Solid   11 inputs88
Accuphase C-202Pre-Solid   no phono88
Accuphase C-220Pre-Solid   76
Accuphase C-220aPre-Solid   78
Accuphase C-222Pre-Solid   with mc, 21 lbs82
Accuphase C-230Pre-Solid   81
Accuphase C-240Pre-Solid   81
Accuphase C-245Pre-Solid   03
Accuphase C-250Pre-Solid   50 lbs 96
Accuphase C-260Pre-Solid   control center, 50 lbs89
Accuphase C-265Pre-Solid   with mm-mc, remote98
Accuphase C-270Pre-Solid   10 inputs87
Accuphase C-270vPre-Solid   89
Accuphase C-275Pre-Solid   remote98
Accuphase C-275vPre-Solid   03
Accuphase C-280Pre-Solid   with mc, 40 lbs82
Accuphase C-280LPre-Solid   all stage class A88
Accuphase C-280vPre-Solid   bal in, bal out89
Accuphase C-290Pre-Solid   linestage95
Accuphase C-290vPre-Solid   03
Accuphase C-2400Pre-Solid   03
Accuphase C-2800Pre-Solid   03
Accuphase CX-260Pre-Solid   02
Accuphase CX-266Pre-Solid   6 av inputs01
Accuphase DAC-10Tweaks   dig in pcb for CX-26003
Accuphase DC-61CD-DAC   16-24 bits98
Accuphase DC-81CD-DAC   34 lbs89
Accuphase DC-91CD-DAC   20 bit, 8x os, 50 lbs95
Accuphase DC-101CD-DAC   sacd, 24 bit, 46 lbs01
Accuphase DC-300Pre-Solid   digital preamplifier, remote98
Accuphase DC-330Pre-Solid   01
Accuphase DF-35Equalizer   dig xover, active, 2-way01
Accuphase DG-28Equalizer   64-band digital equalizer98
Accuphase DG-38Equalizer   sacd processor03
Accuphase DN-35Equalizer   filter amp for DF-3503
Accuphase DP-500CD-DAC   24-192, 36 lbs07
Accuphase DP-55CD-Player   20 bit, remote, 35 lbs97
Accuphase DP-55vCD-Player   24-192 dac, remote, 35 lbs03
Accuphase DP-57CD-Player   26 lbs06
Accuphase DP-600CD-Player   cd, sacd, 24-192, 40 lbs09
Accuphase DP-65CD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, 35 lbs93
Accuphase DP-65vCD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, 45 lbs 99
Accuphase DP-67CD-Player   16-24 bit, 32kHz - 96 kHz03
Accuphase DP-70CD-Player   16 bit, 4x os87
Accuphase DP-700CD-Player   cd, sacd08
Accuphase DP-70vCD-Player   90
Accuphase DP-75CD-Player   20 bit, 53 lbs 95
Accuphase DP-75vCD-Player   24-192 dac, 44 lbs00
Accuphase DP-77CD-Player   SACD, 51 lbs03
Accuphase DP-78CD-Player   cd, sacd, 55 lbs07
Accuphase DP-80CD-Trans   18 bit, 34 lbs89
Accuphase DP-85CD-Player   SACD, remote, 55 lbs01
Accuphase DP-90CD-Trans   20 bit, 46 lbs93
Accuphase DP-100CD-Trans   sacd, 43 lbs01
Accuphase DX-600Amp-Multi   100w, 6 ch, class AB01
Accuphase E-202Amp-Solid   70w, int76
Accuphase E-203Amp-Solid   70w, int, 32 lbs, 80
Accuphase E-204Amp-Solid   75w, int84
Accuphase E-205Amp-Solid   80w, int86
Accuphase E-206Amp-Solid   100w, int89
Accuphase E-207Amp-Solid   100w, int90
Accuphase E-210Amp-Solid   80w, int, remote, 40 lbs97
Accuphase E-210aAmp-Solid   80w, int, remote, phono, 40 lbs97
Accuphase E-211Amp-Solid   90w, int, remote, 41 lbs99
Accuphase E-212Amp-Solid   90w, int02
Accuphase E-302Amp-Solid   120w, int86
Accuphase E-303Amp-Solid   130w, int80
Accuphase E-303vAmp-Solid   100w x 2, int01
Accuphase E-303xAmp-Solid   150w, int85
Accuphase E-305Amp-Solid   130w, with mc, int88
Accuphase E-305vAmp-Solid   130w, int90
Accuphase E-306Amp-Solid   100w, int, 45 lbs89
Accuphase E-306vAmp-Solid   100w, int, 46 lbs98
Accuphase E-307Amp-Solid   int02
Accuphase E-350Amp-Solid   int, 65 lbs07
Accuphase E-405Amp-Solid   170w, int, 75 lbs89
Accuphase E-406Amp-Solid   170w, int, 50 lbs96
Accuphase E-406vAmp-Solid   170w, int, 50 lbs98
Accuphase E-407Amp-Solid   170w, int00
Accuphase E-408Amp-Solid   int02
Accuphase E-530Amp-Solid   30w, 66 lbs 02
Accuphase G-18Equalizer   33 band eq85
Accuphase M-60Amp-Solid   300w, mono pr77
Accuphase M-100Amp-Solid   500w, mono pr, 182 lbs83
Accuphase M-1000Amp-Solid   1000w, mono pr89
Accuphase M-2000Amp-Solid   250w mono pr, class A, 110 lbs98
Accuphase M-8000Amp-Solid   mono pr03
Accuphase P-11Amp-Solid   120w90
Accuphase P-20Amp-Solid   70w77
Accuphase P-102Amp-Solid   50w, class A88
Accuphase P-260Amp-Solid   130w80
Accuphase P-266Amp-Solid   130w, 46lbs83
Accuphase P-300Amp-Solid   150w, bridgeable76
Accuphase P-300LAmp-Solid   150w, bridgeable85
Accuphase P-300vAmp-Solid   180w, bridgeable88
Accuphase P-350Amp-Solid   150w, 52 lbs,96
Accuphase P-360Amp-Solid   200w82
Accuphase P-370Amp-Solid   03
Accuphase P-400Amp-Solid   200w, 69 lbs, 80
Accuphase P-450Amp-Solid   200w, 68 lbs98
Accuphase P-500Amp-Solid   250w85
Accuphase P-550Amp-Solid   270w, 73 lbs,96
Accuphase P-600Amp-Solid   300w, 85 lbs83
Accuphase P-650Amp-Solid   100w, 2ch, bridgeable01
Accuphase P-700Amp-Solid   350w, 93 lbs,98
Accuphase P-800Amp-Solid   400w89
Accuphase P-1000Amp-Solid   125w, class AB, 110 lbs, 99
Accuphase P-7000Amp-Solid   125w, 2ch, 109 lbs03
Accuphase PS-500   ac synthesizer, 48 lbs00
Accuphase PS-500v   ac synthesizer, 52 lbs02
Accuphase PS-1200   ac synthesizer, 82 lbs00
Accuphase PS-1200v   ac synthesizer, 84 lbs02
Accuphase PX-600Amp-Multi   02
Accuphase T-100Tuner   am-fm, 31 lbs net73
Accuphase T-101Tuner   fm only, 25 lbs net74
Accuphase T-105Tuner   fm only, digital, 19 lbs net,80
Accuphase T-106Tuner   am-fm84
Accuphase T-107Tuner   fm only, 13 lbs85
Accuphase T-109Tuner   fm only, 21 lbs net93
Accuphase T-109vTuner   fm stereo03
Accuphase VX-700Pre-Solid   av control center03
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