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Model Description Yr
Counterpoint BijouSpkr-Moni   center, clearfield93
Counterpoint CarlsbadSubwoofer   12in woofer96
Counterpoint ContinentalSpkr-Moni   pair92
Counterpoint DA-10CD-DAC   optional dac cards, 14 lbs92
Counterpoint DA-10ACD-DAC   4 inputs96
Counterpoint DA-11CD-Player   1 disc93
Counterpoint DA-11.5aCD-Trans   95
Counterpoint DiplomatSpkr-Full   pair93
Counterpoint EmbassySubwoofer   8in woofer95
Counterpoint HC-808Surr Proc   dolby pro logic93
Counterpoint HC-818Pre-Solid   dolby pro logic93
Counterpoint HC-828Surr Proc   dolby pro logic95
Counterpoint MetropolitanSpkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 312 lbs92
Counterpoint MysticSpkr-Moni   surrounds93
Counterpoint Natural ProgressionAmp-Tube   150w, mono pr, 1GBT92
Counterpoint NP MonoAmp-Tube   150w, mono pr, class A96
Counterpoint NPSAmp-Tube   150w x 1, hybrid92
Counterpoint NPS-100AAmp-Tube   65w x 2, hybrid96
Counterpoint NPS-200Amp-Tube   100w x 2, hybrid, bal in95
Counterpoint NPS-200AAmp-Tube   100w, stereo96
Counterpoint NPS-400Amp-Tube   200w x 2, hybrid, bal in, 65 lbs95
Counterpoint NPS-400AAmp-Tube   200w, stereo96
Counterpoint OrpheumSpkr-Moni   pair93
Counterpoint SA-1Pre-Tube   79
Counterpoint SA-2Pre-Tube   with mc, 18 lbs82
Counterpoint SA-2.1Pre-Tube   with mc82
Counterpoint SA-3Pre-Tube   without mc82
Counterpoint SA-3.1Pre-Tube   with phono82
Counterpoint SA-4Amp-Tube   140w, mono pr, 70 lbs83
Counterpoint SA-5Pre-Solid   81
Counterpoint SA-5.1Pre-Tube   6922, 25 lbs83
Counterpoint SA-6Pre-Tube   with mc, 11 lbs82
Counterpoint SA-7Pre-Tube   without mc, 13 lbs82
Counterpoint SA-7.1Pre-Tube   with mm-mc83
Counterpoint SA-8Amp-Tube   200w x 2, hybrid85
Counterpoint SA-9Pre-Tube   with phono87
Counterpoint SA-11Pre-Tube   linestage, remote87
Counterpoint SA-12Amp-Tube   85w, hybrid, 35 lbs85
Counterpoint SA-20Amp-Tube   220w x 2, hybrid,86
Counterpoint SA-100Amp-Tube   100w x 2, hybrid, 28 lbs90
Counterpoint SA-220Amp-Tube   220w x 2, hybrid, 60 lbs 90
Counterpoint SA-1000Pre-Tube   black or silver88
Counterpoint SA-2000Pre-Tube   black/silver90
Counterpoint SA-2000APre-Tube   without phono96
Counterpoint SA-3000Pre-Tube   phono, 6DJ8, 22 lbs89
Counterpoint SA-3000APre-Tube   96
Counterpoint SA-5000Pre-Tube   50 lbs 89
Counterpoint SA-5000APre-Tube   with mm-mc96
Counterpoint Solid 1 monoAmp-Solid   120w, mono pr95
Counterpoint Solid 1 stereoAmp-Solid   100w x 290
Counterpoint Solid 1AAmp-Solid   120w x 195
Counterpoint Solid 2Amp-Solid   200w x 292
Counterpoint Solid 2AAmp-Solid   200w96
Counterpoint Solid 8Pre-Solid   black or silver90
Counterpoint Solid 8APre-Solid   in-out for 8 line sources96
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