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Model Description Yr
Acoustic Energy AE-1Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 2way91
Acoustic Energy AE-1 mkIISpkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 2way98
Acoustic Energy AE-1 mkIIISpkr-Full   pr, 4.8in woof, 1.3in twtr02
Acoustic Energy AE-1 SigSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 2way, 54 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-2Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 102 lbs91
Acoustic Energy AE-22Spkr-Moni   08
Acoustic Energy AE-2 mkIISpkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 80 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-2 SigSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 2way, 105 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 7.5in woof, 3way, 154 lbs92
Acoustic Energy AE-3 sIISpkr-Full   pr, 2-5in woofs, mid, twtr04
Acoustic Energy AE-5Spkr-Full   pr, 4-5.25in woofs, 3way, 200 lbs96
Acoustic Energy AE-5 mkIISpkr-Full   pr, 4-4.5in woofs, 2-4.5in mids, 1in twtr, 190 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-100Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 1in twtr, 26 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-107cSpkr-Moni   ctr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr, 20 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-108Spkr-Moni   pair98
Acoustic Energy AE-108sSubwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 46 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-109Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 3-way, 90 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-120Spkr-Full   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 3-way, 110 lbs98
Acoustic Energy AE-300Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr01
Acoustic Energy AE-505Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 1in twtr98
Acoustic Energy AE-509Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 3way98
Acoustic Energy AE-520Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 3way98
Acoustic Energy Aegis 1Spkr-Moni   pr, 6in woof, 1in twtr, 30 lbs99
Acoustic Energy Aegis 2Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr, 80 lbs95
Acoustic Energy Aegis 3Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr95
Acoustic Energy Aegis centerSpkr-Moni   2-5in woofs, 1in twtr, 15 lbs00
Acoustic Energy Aegis subSubwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 50 lbs00
Acoustic Energy AEGO-2Spkr-Full   sys, 3 piece02
Acoustic Energy AEGO-MSpkr-Moni   08
Acoustic Energy Aelite 2Spkr-Full   pr, 5.5in woof, 5in mid, 1in twtr04
Acoustic Energy Aelite 3Spkr-Full   pr04
Acoustic Energy Aesprit-309 Spkr-Full   pr, 3way, 80 lbs03
Acoustic Energy AngstromSpkr-Moni   ctr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr95
Acoustic Energy Angstrom IWSpkr-Moni   in-wall, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr95
Acoustic Energy Evo 1Spkr-Moni   pr, 30 lbs02
Acoustic Energy IntimateSpkr-Moni   ctr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr95
Acoustic Energy Pro IIsSpkr-Moni   ctr, 8in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy Pro mkIIISpkr-Moni   ctr, 10in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy ShadowSpkr-Moni   ctr, 8in woof, 1in twtr95
Acoustic Energy Sound PortalSpkr-Full   ctr, 12in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy Sound PrismSpkr-Full   ctr, 15in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy Studio ReferenceSpkr-Full   ctr, 8in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy TranscendantSpkr-Full   ctr, 6.5in woof, 3-way95
Acoustic Energy USB dacCD-DAC   up to 24 bit files09
Energy .1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, .75in twtr93
Energy 1.1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, .75in twtr90
Energy 2.1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, .75in twtr90
Energy 3.1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, .75in twtr90
Energy 4.1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, 1in twtr90
Energy 5.1eSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-7in woofs, 1in twtr90
Energy 22.1Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, .75in twtr90
Energy 22.2Spkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, .75in twtr90
Energy 22.3Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6in woofs, .75in twtr90
Energy 22 proSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, 1.5in twtr84
Energy 22 referenceSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, 1.5in twtr, stands86
Energy 22 veritasSpkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way90
Energy A-2+2Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 2 twtrs98
Energy A-5+2Spkr-Full   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 3way98
Energy AC-300Spkr-Moni   2-5.5in woofs, 1in twtr97
Energy AC-400Spkr-Full   ctr, 2-5.5in woofs, 1in twtr97
Energy ACT-6Spkr-Full   sys, htib05
Energy APS-5+2Spkr-Full   8in pwr sub, 4 mids, 2 twtrs00
Energy AS-10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof93
Energy AS-12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof93
Energy AS-90Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof93
Energy AS-180Subwoofer   12in woof93
Energy Audissey A-2+2Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 2 twtrs, 100 lbs99
Energy Audissey A-3+2Spkr-Moni   pr, 3-5.5in woofs, 2 twtrs, 110 lbs99
Energy Audissey A-5+2Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 150 lbs98
Energy Audissey APS-5+2Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 200 lbs98
Energy BabyBoomer 10.2Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof99
Energy BabyBoomer 12.1Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof99
Energy C-1Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, 1in twtr97
Energy C-100Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, 22 lbs07
Energy C-2Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr, 80 lbs96
Energy C-200Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 26 lbs07
Energy C-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr01
Energy C-300Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 72 lbs07
Energy C-4Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, 1in twtr, 86 lbs96
Energy C-5Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 1in twtr01
Energy C-50Spkr-Moni   pr, 4.5in woof, 14 lbs07
Energy C-500Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 88 lbs07
Energy C-6Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 1in twtr, 110 lbs96
Energy C-8Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 1in twtr, 130 lbs95
Energy C-9Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 1in twtr01
Energy CB-10Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, 18 lbs07
Energy CB-20Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 22 lbs07
Energy CB-5Spkr-Moni   pr, 4.5in woof, 14 lbs07
Energy C-C1Spkr-Moni   ctr01
Energy C-C3Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-6.5in woofs, 2 mids, twtr01
Energy CF-30Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 62 lbs07
Energy CF-50Spkr-Moni   pr, 3-5.5in woofs, 78 lbs07
Energy CF-70Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 90 lbs07
Energy C-R1Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 2 mids, twtr01
Energy CR-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-4.5in woofs, mids, twtr02
Energy EACEqualizer   sub controller96
Energy EAS-5.25Spkr-Moni   pr, in-wall, 5.25in woof, .5in twtr93
Energy EAS-6.5Spkr-Moni   pr, in-wall, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr93
Energy EC-100Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-4.5in woofs, .75in twtr, 15 lbs96
Energy EC-200Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-5.5in woofs, 1in twtr, 20 lbs96
Energy EC-C1Spkr-Full   ctr, 2-4.5in woofs, .5in twtr91
Energy EFX-2Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, 12 lbs96
Energy EL-200Spkr-Moni   center channel96
Energy EncoreSpkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof93
Energy Encore 2Spkr-Full   satellites01
Energy Encore 8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof01
Energy Encore HTSSpkr-Full   system00
Energy EPS-12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof96
Energy EPS-100Subwoofer   powered, 6.5in woofs95
Energy EPS-150Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof95
Energy EPS-250Subwoofer   powered, 15in woof96
Energy ES-8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof98
Energy ES-10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof98
Energy ES-12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof98
Energy ES-12xlSpkr-Full   12in woof97
Energy ES-15xlSubwoofer   15in woof98
Energy ES-18xlSubwoofer   18 in woof98
Energy ESATSpkr-Moni   pr, 4.5in woof93
Energy ESM-1Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, 1in twtr79
Energy ESM-2Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof79
Energy ESM-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof79
Energy ESM-4Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof79
Energy ESUBSubwoofer   6.5in woof93
Energy ESW-C10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof, 28 lbs07
Energy ESW-C8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof, 16 lbs07
Energy ESW-M6Subwoofer   powered, 6in woof, 11 lbs07
Energy ESW-M8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof, 17 lbs07
Energy ESW-V10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof, 40 lbs07
Energy ESW-V8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof, 27 lbs07
Energy ExcelSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woof, .5in twtr, 18 lbs93
Energy EXL-15Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof99
Energy EXL-16Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof99
Energy EXL-25Spkr-Full   pr, 5.5in woofs99
Energy EXL-26Spkr-Full   pr, 6.5in woofs99
Energy EXL-28pSpkr-Full   pr, 8in woof99
Energy EXL-CSpkr-Moni   ctr, 4in woofs99
Energy EXL-C2Spkr-Moni   5.5in woofs00
Energy EXL-HTSpkr-Full   system99
Energy EXL-RSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof99
Energy EXL-S10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof00
Energy EXL-S12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof00
Energy EXL-S8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof00
Energy HTS-1Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.25in woofs95
Energy MS-10.1Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof00
Energy MS-12.1Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof00
Energy OpusSpkr-Moni   pr, 3.5in woofs96
Energy Pro 0.5Spkr-Full   pr, 5.25in woof, .5in twtr, 20 lbs96
Energy Pro 1.5Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, .75in twtr, 20 lbs96
Energy Pro 2.5Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, .75in twtr, 22 lbs96
Energy Pro 3.5Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woofer, 1in twtr, 40 lbs96
Energy Pro 4.5Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 1in twtr, 62 lbs95
Energy Pro monitorSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof88
Energy QBXSubwoofer   powered, 15in woof96
Energy QSX-2Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.2in woof96
Energy QSX-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof96
Energy RC-10Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, 1in twtr, 28 lbs05
Energy RC-30Spkr-Full   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 1in twtr, 82 lbs05
Energy RC-50Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 1in twtr, 102 lbs05
Energy RC-70Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 5.5in mid, 120 lbs05
Energy RC-LCRSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, 2 mids, twtr05
Energy RC-MiniSpkr-Moni   pr, 4.5in woof, 10 lbs07
Energy RC-SUB 10Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof05
Energy RC-SUB 12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof05
Energy RC-SUB 8Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof05
Energy ReferenceSpkr-Full   pair87
Energy RVSSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr, 18 lbs93
Energy RVSSSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 30 lbs95
Energy S-10.3Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof, 34 lbs07
Energy S-10.2Spkr-Full   powered, 10in woof, 33 lbs01
Energy S-12.3Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 44 lbs04
Energy S-8.2Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof01
Energy S-8.3Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof, 25 lbs05
Energy SAS-12Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof93
Energy SAS-15Subwoofer   powered, 15in woof93
Energy SAS-250Subwoofer   powered, 10in woofs93
Energy Take 1Spkr-Moni   pr, 3.5in woof, .75in twtr97
Energy Take 2Spkr-Moni   pr, 3.5in woof, .75in twtr97
Energy Take 5Spkr-Moni   sys, 6 piece98
Energy Take 5.2Spkr-Full   ht sys, 4 sats, 1 ctr01
Energy Take ClassicSpkr-Full   sys, active, 6 pcs98
Energy Take satSpkr-Moni   pr, 3.5in woof, 1in twtr05
Energy TempestSpkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, 1in twtr97
Energy VeritasSpkr-Full   pr, 8in woofs91
Energy Veritas 1.2Spkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr97
Energy Veritas 1.4Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 4way01
Energy Veritas 1.8bSpkr-Full   pr, 8in woof, 3way, 230 lbs93
Energy Veritas 1.8mSpkr-Full   mahogany, 8in woof, 230 lbs96
Energy Veritas 2.1Spkr-Moni   pr, 6in woof00
Energy Veritas 2.2Spkr-Moni   pr, 6in woof00
Energy Veritas 2.3Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6in woofs, 3way00
Energy Veritas 2.4Spkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 5way, 190 lbs01
Energy Veritas 2.8Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way, 240 lbs93
Energy Veritas center 2.0Spkr-Moni   ctr, 6in woofs00
Energy Veritas rear 2.5Spkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof00
Energy Veritas V-2.0CiSpkr-Moni   ctr, 2-6.5in woofs, 1in twtr04
Energy Veritas V-2.0RiSpkr-Moni   pr04
Energy Veritas V-2.2iSpkr-Moni   pr, 6.5in woof, mid, twtr04
Energy Veritas V-2.3iSpkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way, 136 lbs04
Energy Veritas V-2.4iSpkr-Full   pr, 3-6.5in woofs, mid, twtr04
Energy XL-150Spkr-Moni   pr, 5.5in woof, .75in twtr02
Energy XL-250Spkr-Moni   pr, 2-5.5in woofs, .75in twtr02
Energy XL-26Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, .75in twtr99
Energy XL-C100Spkr-Moni   ctr, 2-4.5in woofs, .75in twtr02
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