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Model Description Yr
Luxman 5C-50Pre-Solid   76
Luxman 5F-70Pre-Solid   76
Luxman 5G-12Equalizer   76
Luxman 5K-50Tape deck   76
Luxman 5L-15Amp-Solid   76
Luxman 5M-20Amp-Solid   100w x 276
Luxman 5M-21Amp-Solid   100w x 276
Luxman 5T-10Tuner   76
Luxman 5T-50Tuner   76
Luxman 71-2rReceiver   75w x 270
Luxman 71-3rReceiver   50w x 271
Luxman 71-4aAmp-Solid   75w x 270
Luxman 71-6aAmp-Solid   25w x 270
Luxman A-007Amp-Solid   40w x 289
Luxman A-312Amp-Solid   40w x 296
Luxman A-331Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int96
Luxman A-353Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int95
Luxman A-373Amp-Solid   80w x 2, int95
Luxman A-377Amp-Solid   95w x 2, int97
Luxman A-383Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int95
Luxman A-384Amp-Tube   80w x 296
Luxman A-491Amp-Solid   80w, int, 40 lbs01
Luxman A-2003Equalizer   tube crossover73
Luxman AT-3000Pre-Solid   with linestage, passive, bal out95
Luxman B-1000fAmp-Solid   250w, mono pr, class A, 480 lbs10
Luxman B-12Amp-Solid   150w x 1, mono76
Luxman C-2Pre-Solid   with mm-mc, class A85
Luxman C-2 duoPre-Solid   85
Luxman C-5Pre-Solid   with mm-mc, class A, 24 lbs84
Luxman C-6Pre-Solid   with linestage, bal in-out95
Luxman C-7Pre-Solid   97
Luxman C-8Pre-Solid   6 line inputs, bal out96
Luxman C-10Pre-Solid   97
Luxman C-1000fPre-Solid   6 inputs, 51 lbs08
Luxman C-12Pre-Solid   76
Luxman C-120aPre-Solid   81
Luxman C-300Pre-Solid   81
Luxman C-383Pre-Solid   with remote95
Luxman C-600Pre-Solid   6 inputs08
Luxman C-800Pre-Solid   6 inputs08
Luxman C-1000Pre-Solid   76
Luxman C-1010Pre-Solid   76
Luxman C-5000aPre-Solid   80
Luxman CL-32Pre-Tube   76
Luxman CL-34Pre-Tube   without mc, 14 lbs82
Luxman CL-35 mkIPre-Tube   76
Luxman CL-35 mkIIIPre-Tube   76
Luxman CL-38Pre-Tube   with linestage95
Luxman CL-88Pre-Tube   4 inputs, 19 lbs08
Luxman CO-2Pre-Solid   97
Luxman CRD-1020Receiver   30w x 298
Luxman D-3CD-Player   85
Luxman D-7CD-Player   89
Luxman D-90CD-Player   87
Luxman D-05CD-Trans   cd, sacd, 28 lbs07
Luxman D-06CD-Trans   cd, sacd, 34 lbs07
Luxman D-08CD-Trans   cd, sacd, 58 lbs07
Luxman D-100CD-Player   86
Luxman D-105mCD-Player   tube output stage92
Luxman D-105uCD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, hybrid, 19 lbs89
Luxman D-109CD-Player   86
Luxman D-111CD-Player   88
Luxman D-112CD-Player   88
Luxman D-113CD-Player   6 disc, 16 bit, 8x os, remote87
Luxman D-113dCD-Trans   88
Luxman D-117CD-Player   87
Luxman D-321CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os02
Luxman D-322CD-Player   95
Luxman D-351CD-Player   91
Luxman D-355CD-Player   with remote97
Luxman D-371CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, opt dig out02
Luxman D-373CD-Player   with remote95
Luxman D-404CD-Player   with remote85
Luxman D-405CD-Player   85
Luxman D-408CD-Player   85
Luxman D-500CD-Player   with remote95
Luxman D-500xCD-Player   97
Luxman D-500xsCD-Player   with remote95
Luxman D-700sCD-Player   hdcd97
Luxman DC-113CD-Player   89
Luxman DC-114CD-Player   90
Luxman D-N100CD-Player   single disc, 9 lbs07
Luxman DU-50CD-Player   universal player, 29 lbs05
Luxman DU-7iCD-Player   cd, sacd, 33 lbs07
Luxman DU-80CD-Player   cd, sacd, 46 lbs07
Luxman DX-103CD-Player   84
Luxman DX-104CD-Player   14 bit os, 22 lbs83
Luxman DX-500CD-Player   95
Luxman DZ-92CD-Player   90
Luxman DZ-111CD-Player   89
Luxman DZ-112CD-Player   with remote89
Luxman DZ-121CD-Player   with remote90
Luxman DZ-122CD-Player   with remote90
Luxman E-1Pre-Solid   phono pre, 20 lbs08
Luxman E-200Pre-Solid   phono pre, 10 lbs08
Luxman E-3Pre-Solid   with mm-mc96
Luxman E-6Pre-Solid   with phono, bal in95
Luxman EQ-88Pre-Tube   phono pre, 5 lbs08
Luxman F-105Surr Proc   87
Luxman F-114Surr Proc   91
Luxman F-116Surr Proc   90
Luxman G-7Equalizer   7 band89
Luxman G-11Equalizer   76
Luxman G-100Equalizer   10 band86
Luxman G-120aEqualizer   81
Luxman GX-101Equalizer   7 band, computer analyzed82
Luxman K-3Tape deck   85
Luxman K-7Tape deck   dual89
Luxman K-10Tape deck   76
Luxman K-12Tape deck   76
Luxman K-15Tape deck   76
Luxman K-105Tape deck   autorev, dolby b and c86
Luxman K-106Tape deck   autorev, hxpro86
Luxman K-110Tape deck   autorev, hxpro89
Luxman K-110wTape deck   dual, autorev, hxpro89
Luxman K-111Tape deck   88
Luxman K-112Tape deck   3 head, hxpro87
Luxman K-321Tape deck   hxpro92
Luxman K-322Tape deck   hxpro96
Luxman K-331wTape deck   dual, hxpro92
Luxman K-351Tape deck   dual, autorev, hxpro91
Luxman K-373Tape deck   95
Luxman K-405Tape deck   85
Luxman KX-102Tape deck   82
Luxman L-3Amp-Solid   35w x 2, int76
Luxman L-5Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int76
Luxman L-7Receiver   4-piece component system89
Luxman L-10Amp-Solid   55w x 2, int76
Luxman L-11Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int76
Luxman L-505uAmp-Solid   100w, int, 46 lbs09
Luxman L-509uAmp-Solid   120w, int, 63 lbs08
Luxman L-550a   stereo, 49 lbs07
Luxman L-550a mkIIAmp-Solid   20w, int, 48 lbs08
Luxman L-590a mkIIAmp-Solid   30w, int, 66 lbs08
Luxman L-80vAmp-Solid   50w x 2, int76
Luxman L-85vAmp-Solid   80w x 2, int76
Luxman L-100Amp-Solid   110w x 2, int76
Luxman L-110Amp-Solid   120w x 2, int76
Luxman L-210Amp-Solid   40w x 2, int84
Luxman L-400Amp-Solid   55w x 2, int84
Luxman L-430Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int84
Luxman L-450Amp-Solid   55w x 2, class AB, 23 lbs83
Luxman L-480Amp-Solid   70w x 2, class AB, 26 lbs83
Luxman L-500Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int95
Luxman L-505sAmp-Solid   70w x 2, int97
Luxman L-507sAmp-Solid   97
Luxman L-570Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int95
Luxman L-580Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int76
Luxman LE-109Pre-Solid   with mc only87
Luxman LV-90Amp-Solid   28w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-100Amp-Solid   35w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-101Amp-Solid   45w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-102Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-103Amp-Tube   50w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-105Amp-Solid   80w x 2, int86
Luxman LV-105uAmp-Solid   80w x 2, int, hybrid87
Luxman LV-109Amp-Solid   150w x 2, int87
Luxman LV-111Amp-Solid   40w x 2, int88
Luxman LV-112Amp-Solid   55w x 2, int88
Luxman LV-113Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int88
Luxman LV-117Amp-Solid   110w x 2,. int87
Luxman LX-104Amp-Solid   120w x 2, class AB, 35 lbs83
Luxman M-2Amp-Solid   140w x 285
Luxman M-5Amp-Solid   105w, class A, 88 lbs84
Luxman M-6Amp-Solid   55w x 295
Luxman M-7Amp-Solid   150w x 2, rca and xlr inputs97
Luxman M-8Amp-Solid   200w x 296
Luxman M-10Amp-Solid   250w x 2, champagne gold97
Luxman M-12Amp-Solid   80w x 276
Luxman M-111Amp-Solid   25w x 491
Luxman M-113Amp-Solid   50w x 2, class AB88
Luxman M-117Amp-Solid   200w x 2, 400w x 187
Luxman M-120aAmp-Solid   120w x 276
Luxman M-300Amp-Solid   150w x 281
Luxman M-363Amp-Solid   110w x 295
Luxman M-375Amp-Solid   110w x 296
Luxman M-383Amp-Solid   200w x 295
Luxman M-600aAmp-Solid   30w08
Luxman M-800aAmp-Solid   60w, 2ch, bridgeable, 175 lbs08
Luxman M-1500Amp-Solid   120w x 276
Luxman M-2000Amp-Solid   120w x 276
Luxman M-4000Amp-Solid   180w x 276
Luxman M-4000aAmp-Solid   180w x 276
Luxman M-6000Amp-Solid   300w x 276
Luxman MA-88Amp-Tube   45w x 195
Luxman MA-383Amp-Solid   200w x 297
Luxman MB-3045Amp-Tube   50w x 1, kt88, 85 lbs76
Luxman MQ-68cAmp-Tube   30w x 2, class AB, 30 lbs83
Luxman MQ-88Amp-Tube   20w, 55 lbs08
Luxman MS-10Spkr-Full   pair76
Luxman MT-88Pre-Solid   transformer, 4 lbs08
Luxman MX-100Amp-Solid   140w x 284
Luxman P-007Turntable   belt drive, fully automatic89
Luxman P-1Amp-Solid   4w, hp amp, 22 lbs08
Luxman P-100Turntable   belt, 33, 4586
Luxman P-102Turntable   belt, 33, 45, remote86
Luxman P-405Turntable   belt, 33, 4585
Luxman P-406Turntable   belt, 33, 4585
Luxman PD-121Turntable   76
Luxman PD-272Turntable   76
Luxman PD-277Turntable   76
Luxman PD-284Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Luxman PD-289Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Luxman PD-300Turntable   belt, 33, 45, no arm, vacuum82
Luxman PD-375Turntable   direct, 33, 45, vacuum81
Luxman PD-441Turntable   76
Luxman PD-444Turntable   76
Luxman PD-555Turntable   76
Luxman PX-99Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Luxman PX-100Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Luxman PX-101Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Luxman R-104Receiver   33w x 286
Luxman R-105Receiver   55w x 286
Luxman R-106Receiver   60w x 286
Luxman R-113Receiver   35w x 287
Luxman R-114Receiver   50w x 2, with remote90
Luxman R-115Receiver   150w, 2ch, remote87
Luxman R-117Receiver   160w x 2, with remote87
Luxman R-341Receiver   35w x 2, with remote91
Luxman R-351Receiver   55w x 2, with remote91
Luxman R-361Receiver   100w x 2, with remote91
Luxman R-404Receiver   35w x 285
Luxman R-405Receiver   55w x 285
Luxman R-406Receiver   60w x 285
Luxman R-1030Receiver   30w x 276
Luxman R-1040Receiver   40w x 276
Luxman R-1050Receiver   55w x 276
Luxman R-1070Receiver   75w x 276
Luxman R-1120Receiver   120w x 276
Luxman R-1120aReceiver   120w x 276
Luxman R-3030Receiver   30w x 276
Luxman R-3045Receiver   45w x 276
Luxman R-3055Receiver   55w x 276
Luxman R-5030Receiver   35w x 282
Luxman RC-502Equalizer   signal converter89
Luxman RV-357Receiver   80w x 598
Luxman RV-371Receiver   70w x 2, 50w x 3,. with remote91
Luxman RX-101Receiver   40w x 282
Luxman RX-102Receiver   60w x 282
Luxman RX-103Receiver   90w x 282
Luxman S-503Spkr-Full   pair90
Luxman S-505Spkr-Full   pair89
Luxman SQ-38sAmp-Tube   30w, int97
Luxman SQ-38uAmp-Tube   25w, int, 44 lbs08
Luxman SQ-N100Amp-Tube   12w, int, 25 lbs08
Luxman SR-680Receiver   80w x 298
Luxman SR-780Receiver   100w x 298
Luxman T-2Tuner   76
Luxman T-2 digitalTuner   am-fm, 11 lbs86
Luxman T-4Tuner   80
Luxman T-7Tuner   89
Luxman T-12Tuner   76
Luxman T-14Tuner   81
Luxman T-88vTuner   76
Luxman T-100Tuner   digital synthesized, 16 presets86
Luxman T-102Tuner   86
Luxman T-105Tuner  
Luxman T-110Tuner   76
Luxman T-111Tuner   88
Luxman T-115Tuner   81
Luxman T-117Tuner   digital synthesized, 24 presets87
Luxman T-240Tuner   84
Luxman T-310Tuner   76
Luxman T-353Tuner   95
Luxman T-400Tuner   81
Luxman T-407Tuner   85
Luxman T-450Tuner   76
Luxman TP-114Pre-Solid   91
Luxman TP-117Pre-Solid   88
Luxman TX-101Tuner   10 lbs82
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