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Model Description Yr
Marantz 1cPre-Solid   with ext pwr supply54
Marantz 2 monoAmp-Solid   40w x 156
Marantz 3 monoEqualizer   crossover59
Marantz 5 monoAmp-Solid   30w x 159
Marantz 7c tubePre-Tube   COLLECTIBLE60
Marantz 7 ReissuePre-Solid   12AX7, 15 lbs96
Marantz 7tPre-Solid   solid state67
Marantz 8Amp-Solid   30w x 261
Marantz 8bAmp-Solid   COLLECTIBLE, 35w x 264
Marantz 8b ReissueAmp-Solid   35w x 296
Marantz 9 monoAmp-Solid   COLLECTIBLE, 70w, mono pair64
Marantz 9 ReissueAmp-Solid   35w x 1, pair, EL34, 126 lbs96
Marantz 10Tuner   with scope64
Marantz 10bTuner   COLLECTIBLE, 35 lbs64
Marantz 14Amp-Solid   40w x 274
Marantz 15Amp-Solid   60w x 268
Marantz 16Amp-Solid   80w x 270
Marantz 16bAmp-Solid   100w x 274
Marantz 18Receiver   30w, 2ch68
Marantz 19Receiver   50w x 2, with scope, 65 lbs 71
Marantz 20Tuner   with scope70
Marantz 20bTuner   with scope71
Marantz 22Receiver   40w x 270
Marantz 23Tuner   73
Marantz 24Tuner   with preamp73
Marantz 25Receiver   25w x 274
Marantz 26Receiver   10w x 271
Marantz 27Receiver   30w x 271
Marantz 28Receiver   35w x 271
Marantz 30Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int73
Marantz 32Amp-Solid   60w x 273
Marantz 33 Pre-Solid   tape monitor switch70
Marantz 104Tuner   76
Marantz 105Tuner   73
Marantz 105bTuner   74
Marantz 110Tuner   71
Marantz 112Tuner   76
Marantz 115Tuner   73
Marantz 115bTuner   74
Marantz 120Tuner   with scope71
Marantz 120bTuner   with scope74
Marantz 125Tuner   76
Marantz 140Amp-Solid   70w x 276
Marantz 150Tuner   with scope76
Marantz 240Amp-Solid   125w x 274
Marantz 250Amp-Solid   125w x 273
Marantz 250mAmp-Solid   125w x 276
Marantz 300dcAmp-Solid   152w x 278
Marantz 400Amp-Solid   150w x 2, without meters74
Marantz 400mAmp-Solid   150w x 2, with meters74
Marantz 500Amp-Solid   250w x 273
Marantz 510Amp-Solid   250w x 2, without meters76
Marantz 510mAmp-Solid   250w x 2, with meters76
Marantz 1030Amp-Solid   15w, 2ch, int73
Marantz 1040Amp-Solid   20w x 2, int74
Marantz 1060Amp-Solid   30w x 2, int71
Marantz 1060bAmp-Solid   30w x 2, int77
Marantz 1070Amp-Solid   35w x 2, int74
Marantz 1090Amp-Solid   45w x 2, int77
Marantz 1120Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int73
Marantz 1122dcAmp-Solid   62w x 2, int77
Marantz 1150Amp-Solid   75w x 2, int76
Marantz 1150dAmp-Solid   75w x 2, int76
Marantz 1152dcAmp-Solid   76w x 2, int77
Marantz 1180dcAmp-Solid   90w x 2, int77
Marantz 1200Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int71
Marantz 1200bAmp-Solid   100w x 2, int74
Marantz 1250Amp-Solid   125w x 2, int76
Marantz 1300dcAmp-Solid   150w x 2, int78
Marantz 1515Receiver   15w x 278
Marantz 1520Receiver   20w x 279
Marantz 1530Receiver   30w x 278
Marantz 1535Receiver   33w x 279
Marantz 1550Receiver   50w x 278
Marantz 170dcAmp-Solid   86w x 277
Marantz 1810Tape deck   78
Marantz 2015Receiver   15w x 274
Marantz 2020Tuner   78
Marantz 2100Tuner   77
Marantz 2110Tuner   with scope78
Marantz 2120Tuner   77
Marantz 2130Tuner   with scope78
Marantz 2140Tuner   77
Marantz 2210Receiver   10w x 273
Marantz 2215Receiver   15w x 273
Marantz 2215BReceiver   15w73
Marantz 2216Receiver   16w x 277
Marantz 2216bReceiver   16w x 277
Marantz 2218Receiver   18w x 278
Marantz 2220Receiver   20w x 273
Marantz 2220bReceiver   20w x 274
Marantz 2225Receiver   22w x 276
Marantz 2226Receiver   26w x 277
Marantz 2226bReceiver   26wx 277
Marantz 2230Receiver   30w x 271
Marantz 2235Receiver   35w x 275
Marantz 2235bReceiver   38w x 275
Marantz 2238Receiver   38w x 277
Marantz 2238bReceiver   38w x 277
Marantz 2240Receiver   40w x 274
Marantz 2240bReceiver   40w x 276
Marantz 2245Receiver   45w x 271
Marantz 2250Receiver   50w x 276
Marantz 2250bReceiver   50w x 276
Marantz 2252Receiver   52w x 277
Marantz 2252bReceiver   52w x 277
Marantz 2265Receiver   65w x 278
Marantz 2265bReceiver   65w x 277
Marantz 2270Receiver   70w x 271
Marantz 2275Receiver   75w x 274
Marantz 2285Receiver   80w x 277
Marantz 2285bReceiver   85w x 277
Marantz 2325Receiver   125w x 274
Marantz 2330Receiver   130w x 277
Marantz 2330bReceiver   130w x 277
Marantz 2385Receiver   185w x 277
Marantz 2440Pre-Solid   Quad68
Marantz 2500Receiver   250w x 277
Marantz 2600Receiver   300w x 2, with scope78
Marantz 3200Pre-Solid   73
Marantz 3250Pre-Solid   77
Marantz 3250bPre-Solid   78
Marantz 3300Pre-Solid   73
Marantz 3600Pre-Solid   74
Marantz 3800Pre-Solid   dolby76
Marantz 4000Pre-Solid   Quad74
Marantz 4025Receiver   dolby78
Marantz 4060Amp-Solid   12w x 2, int73
Marantz 4070Amp-Solid   28w x 2, int74
Marantz 4100Amp-Solid   20w x 2, int73
Marantz 4120Pre-Solid   Quad74
Marantz 4140Amp-Solid   70w, 2ch, int, 25w, 4ch73
Marantz 4220Receiver   15w x 474
Marantz 4230Receiver   15w x 473
Marantz 4240Receiver   17w x 474
Marantz 4270Receiver   25w x 4, 70w x 274
Marantz 4300Receiver   40w x 4, 100w x 273
Marantz 4400Receiver   50w x 4, with scope74
Marantz 4415Receiver   30w x 473
Marantz 4430Receiver   30w73
Marantz 5000Tape deck   78
Marantz 5010Tape deck   77
Marantz 5010bTape deck   78
Marantz 5020Tape deck   76
Marantz 5025Tape deck   77
Marantz 5025bTape deck   78
Marantz 5030Tape deck   77
Marantz 5030bTape deck   3 head, dc servo motor78
Marantz 5120Tape deck   76
Marantz 5200Tape deck   76
Marantz 5220Tape deck   dolby76
Marantz 5400Tape deck   76
Marantz 5420Tape deck   76
Marantz 6025Turntable   78
Marantz 6025ctTurntable   with cart78
Marantz 6100Turntable   76
Marantz 6110Turntable   78
Marantz 6150Turntable   77
Marantz 6170Turntable   direct drive78
Marantz 6200Turntable   76
Marantz 6270qTurntable   78
Marantz 6270qctTurntable   with cartridge78
Marantz 6300Turntable   76
Marantz 6320Turntable   76
Marantz 6350qTurntable   78
Marantz 6370qTurntable   direct drive78
Marantz AC-500Pre-Solid   with tuner95
Marantz Arch 1.0Receiver   system95
Marantz Arch 1.2Receiver   system97
Marantz AV-251Receiver   av processor86
Marantz AV-500Pre-Solid   control center92
Marantz AV-550Pre-Solid   97
Marantz AV-560Surr Proc   with tuner00
Marantz AV-600Pre-Solid   with tuner98
Marantz AV-8003Surr Proc   pre-proc, trueHD08
Marantz AV-9000Surr Proc   6 channel00
Marantz AX-1000Surr Proc   91
Marantz BD-7003Video   dvd, blu-ray, 20 lbs06
Marantz BD-8002Video   dvd, blu-ray, 26 lbs07
Marantz C-200Tape deck   81
Marantz C-202Tape deck   81
Marantz C-210Tape deck   81
Marantz C-512Receiver   79
Marantz C-516Receiver   79
Marantz C-520aReceiver   79
Marantz C-5080Receiver   79
Marantz C-5100Receiver   79
Marantz CC-38CD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 15 lbs97
Marantz CC-4003CD-Player   5 disc, 16 lbs07
Marantz CC-45CD-Player   95
Marantz CC-47CD-Player   97
Marantz CC-48CD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 15 lbs97
Marantz CC-52CD-Player   multi-disc92
Marantz CC-65CD-Player   95
Marantz CC-65 seCD-Player   5-disc, 17 lbs95
Marantz CC-67CD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 15 lbs97
Marantz CC-870CD-Player   101-disc, 16 lbs97
Marantz CC-3000CD-Player   20 bit, 5 disc00
Marantz CC-4000CD-Player   20 bit da00
Marantz CC-4000 seCD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 16 lbs99
Marantz CC-9100CD-Player   changer, 300 disc01
Marantz CD-11 mkIICD-Player   1 bit, 128x os, 37 lbs91
Marantz CD-17CD-Player   dig out, 16 lbs95
Marantz CD-17 mkIICD-Player   dig out, rem, 17 lbs98
Marantz CD-23CD-Player   4 bit da, cdm-9 laser95
Marantz CD-30CD-Player   86
Marantz CD-40CD-Player   87
Marantz CD-46CD-Player   95
Marantz CD-48CD-Player   dig out, 8 lbs97
Marantz CD-50CD-Player   86
Marantz CD-52CD-Player   91
Marantz CD-53CD-Player   93
Marantz CD-54CD-Player   84
Marantz CD-60CD-Player   88
Marantz CD-62CD-Player   91
Marantz CD-63CD-Player   93
Marantz CD-63 mkIICD-Player   95
Marantz CD-63 seCD-Player   with remote95
Marantz CD-64CD-Player   84
Marantz CD-67CD-Player   dig out, 10 lbs97
Marantz CD-67 seCD-Player   dig out, 13 lbs97
Marantz CD-70CD-Player   86
Marantz CD-72CD-Player   92
Marantz CD-73CD-Player   82
Marantz CD-74CD-Player   85
Marantz CD-84CD-Player   87
Marantz CD-94CD-Player   16 bit, 4x os, 28 lbs88
Marantz CD-38CD-Player   99
Marantz CD-67 mkIICD-Player   05
Marantz CD-110CD-Player   coax-opt dig outs02
Marantz CD-150CD-Player   85
Marantz CD-152CD-Player   86
Marantz CD-400bEqualizer   demodulator76
Marantz CD-5003CD-Player   single disc, 11 lbs07
Marantz CD-1020CD-Player   94
Marantz CD-3000CD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 15 lbs99
Marantz CD-4000CD-Player   5 disc01
Marantz CD-4300CD-Player   5 disc, coax opt dig out04
Marantz CD-5000CD-Player   20-bit, dig out, 7 lbs99
Marantz CD-5001CD-Player   da, pitch control, cd text05
Marantz CD-5400CD-Player   15 lbs05
Marantz CD-6000CD-Player   00
Marantz CD-60000 seCD-Player   dig out, 12 lbs99
Marantz CD-6000seCD-Player   01
Marantz CD-7300CD-Player   03
Marantz CDA-94CD-Player   16 bit, 4x os, 25 lbs88
Marantz CDC-6rCD-Player   88
Marantz CDC-320CD-Player   88
Marantz CDR-1CD-Player   1 bit, 256x os, fast search91
Marantz CR-2020Receiver   30w x 298
Marantz CRS-2020Tape deck   81
Marantz CRS-4000Tape deck   81
Marantz CX-550Receiver   79
Marantz CX-560Receiver   79
Marantz CX-580Receiver   79
Marantz DC-4300Video   dvd, prog scan03
Marantz DD-82Tape deck   with remote92
Marantz DD-92Tape deck   digital cass recorder, 25 lbs93
Marantz DH-9300Tweaks   80GB, music server02
Marantz DL-3507Tape deck   89
Marantz DL-5500Video   55in, proj02
Marantz DP-870Surr Proc   97
Marantz DR-17CD-Player   cd-rw recorder00
Marantz DR-700CD-Player   99
Marantz DR-4050CD-Player   dual tray, opt-coax-dig in and out01
Marantz DR-4160CD-Player   3 disc01
Marantz DR-6000CD-Player   cdr-rw recorder00
Marantz DR-6050CD-Player   cd-rw recorder00
Marantz DV-3100Video   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Marantz DV-4200Video   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Marantz DV-6200Video   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Marantz DV-6400Video   dvd04
Marantz DV-7010Video   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Marantz DV-7100Video   dvd, DD01
Marantz DV-12s1Video   dvd, progressive02
Marantz DV-18Video   dvd, dig out, THX00
Marantz DV-18 mkIIVideo   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Marantz DV-6001CD-Player   dvd, 5.1, hdmi, s-vid, opt dig, 9 lbs07
Marantz DV-6100CD-Player   univ player, 2.107
Marantz DV-7001Video   dvd, sacd, 15 lbs07
Marantz DV-930Video   dig out, 8 lbs99
Marantz DV-9600CD-Player   universal, 25 lbs06
Marantz DV-4000Video   dvd, DTS00
Marantz DV-7000Video   dvd, dig out99
Marantz DV-8300Video   dvd, SACD02
Marantz DV-8400Video   150w x 2, without meters03
Marantz DV-9500Video   universal05
Marantz DVD-810CD-Player   dvd, dig out, 12 lbs97
Marantz DVD-890Video   98
Marantz DVD-930Video   10 bit vid, 5 aud outs99
Marantz DVD-4000Video   dvd, DTS00
Marantz EC-500Pre-Solid   with tuner, cd95
Marantz EQ-10Equalizer   79
Marantz EQ-20Equalizer   81
Marantz EQ-130Equalizer   84
Marantz EQ-140Equalizer   84
Marantz EQ-432Equalizer   89
Marantz EQ-551Equalizer   86
Marantz ER-2500Receiver   sys, 6 piece05
Marantz HD-770Spkr-Full   pair77
Marantz HD-880Spkr-Full   pair77
Marantz IS-201CD-DAC   ipod docking, 4 lbs09
Marantz LV-500CD-Player   ld player92
Marantz LV-510CD-Player   ld player94
Marantz LV-520Video   cd-ld, dig out, 18 lbs97
Marantz MA-5Amp-Solid   120w x 2, 22 lbs80
Marantz MA-9s1Amp-Solid   300w, class AB03
Marantz MA-22Amp-Solid   50w x 191
Marantz MA-24Amp-Solid   30w x 291
Marantz MA-500Amp-Solid   125w x 192
Marantz MA-700Amp-Solid   200w x 1, THX97
Marantz MA-952Amp-Solid   300w, 82 lbs08
Marantz MA-9s2Amp-Solid   98 lbs06
Marantz MA-6100Amp-Solid   125w mono01
Marantz MM-500Amp-Multi   70w x 3, 45w x 297
Marantz MM-8003Amp-Multi   140w, 8ch, 48 lbs08
Marantz MM-9000Amp-Multi   150w, 5ch, class AB00
Marantz MM-9340Amp-Multi   275w, 4ch03
Marantz MM-9360Amp-Multi   150w, 6ch03
Marantz MP-7001Amp-Solid   int06
Marantz MX-540Receiver   97
Marantz MX-545Receiver   98
Marantz MX-555Receiver   98
Marantz NR1602Receiver  
Marantz PD-4280Video   42in, plasma99
Marantz PD-4290Video   42in, plasma01
Marantz PD-5010dVideo   50in, plasma01
Marantz PD-1520dVideo   plasma, 1365x768, 98 lbs03
Marantz PD-4220VVideo   plasma, 853x480, 62 lbs04
Marantz PD-4240DVideo   plasma, 1024x768, 65 lbs04
Marantz PD-4293DVideo   42in, prog, wide02
Marantz PD-4298HDVideo   42in, plasma, prog01
Marantz PD-5040DVideo   plasma, 1365x768, 98 lbs04
Marantz PD-6120Video   plasma, 1365x768, 135 lbs01
Marantz PD-6140DVideo   plasma, 1365x768, 135 lbs04
Marantz PH-22Pre-Solid   with phono only91
Marantz PM-11 s1Amp-Solid   int, 100w, 2ch, with mm-mc05
Marantz PM-15 s1Amp-Solid   80w, int05
Marantz PM-17Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int98
Marantz PM-17 mkIIAmp-Solid   05
Marantz PM-17saAmp-Solid   60w, int, phono01
Marantz PM-25Amp-Solid   30w x 2, int89
Marantz PM-52Amp-Solid   70w x 2, int91
Marantz PM-54Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int84
Marantz PM-54 mkIIAmp-Solid   80w x 2, int85
Marantz PM-57Amp-Solid   int97
Marantz PM-64Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int84
Marantz PM-64 mkIIAmp-Solid   100w x 2, int85
Marantz PM-65Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int88
Marantz PM-68Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int98
Marantz PM-72Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int91
Marantz PM-74Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int85
Marantz PM-80Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int91
Marantz PM-84Amp-Solid   100w x 287
Marantz PM-94Amp-Solid   140w x 2, int88
Marantz PM-1152Amp-Solid   100w, int, 59 lbs08
Marantz PM-11 s2Amp-Solid   100w, int, phono, 59 lbs06
Marantz PM-1552Amp-Solid   90w, int, 41 lbs08
Marantz PM-225Amp-Solid   30w x 2, 14 lbs82
Marantz PM-300Amp-Solid   30w x 2, int79
Marantz PM-325Amp-Solid   40w x 2, 15 lbs82
Marantz PM-440Amp-Solid   45w x 2, int84
Marantz PM-500Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int79
Marantz PM-5003Amp-Solid   40w, int, phono, 15 lbs09
Marantz PM-551Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int86
Marantz PM-55se   96
Marantz PM-561Amp-Solid   110w x 2, int87
Marantz PM-66SE KI sig   98
Marantz PM-7001ki   70w08
Marantz PM-700 avAmp-Solid   70w x 2, int91
Marantz PM-730Amp-Solid   70w x 2, with mc, 19 lbs83
Marantz PM-750Amp-Solid   70w x 2, int82
Marantz PM-8003Amp-Solid   70w, int, 27 lbs08
Marantz PM-7000Amp-Solid   95w x 2, int, 7 inputs00
Marantz PM-7200Amp-Solid   25w, 2ch, class A03
Marantz PMD-200Tape deck   81
Marantz PMD-201Tape deck   85
Marantz PMD-220Tape deck   81
Marantz PMD-221Tape deck   85
Marantz PMD-340Tape deck   81
Marantz PMD-360Tape deck   81
Marantz PMD-420Tape deck   85
Marantz PMD-430Tape deck   84
Marantz PM-KI-PearlAmp-Solid   90w, int, 44 lbs08
Marantz PMS-3020Tape deck   81
Marantz PMS-3040Tape deck   81
Marantz PMS-3500Tape deck   81
Marantz PV-6070Video   60in, rear projection97
Marantz RC-2000Tweaks   remote only97
Marantz RC-2000 mkIITweaks   learning remote97
Marantz RC-5000Receiver  
Marantz RV-351Surr Proc   88
Marantz SA-1CD-Player   SACD, 39 lbs00
Marantz SA-11s1CD-Player   cd, sacd, 31 lbs05
Marantz SA-11s2CD-Player   cd, sacd, 37 lbs09
Marantz SA-11SLCD-Player   cd, sacd05
Marantz SA-12s1CD-Player   SACD, cdrw, dvd01
Marantz SA-14CD-Player   SACD, bal and unbal outputs01
Marantz SA-14 v2CD-Player   2ch04
Marantz SA-15s1CD-Player   SACD, 39 lbs05
Marantz SA-15s2CD-Player   cd, sacd, 30 lbs07
Marantz SA-7 s1CD-Player   cd, sacd, 60 lbs08
Marantz SA-8001CD-Player   cd, sacd06
Marantz SA-8003CD-Player   cd, sacd, 21 lbs08
Marantz SA-8260CD-Player   sacd02
Marantz SA-KI-PearlCD-Player   cd, sacd, 32 lbs10
Marantz SC-6Pre-Solid   14 lbs79
Marantz SC-7s1Pre-Solid   03
Marantz SC-9Pre-Solid   19 lbs79
Marantz SC-11s1Pre-Solid   7 inputs, mm-mc, 35 lbs08
Marantz SC-22Pre-Solid   91
Marantz SC-7s2Pre-Solid   5 inputs, 46 lbs08
Marantz SC-80Pre-Solid   with remote93
Marantz SD-52Tape deck   91
Marantz SD-57Tape deck   97
Marantz SD-62Tape deck   91
Marantz SD-63Tape deck   93
Marantz SD-72Tape deck   91
Marantz SD-74Tape deck   85
Marantz SD-142Tape deck   84
Marantz SD-155Tape deck   85
Marantz SD-160Tape deck   87
Marantz SD-162Tape deck   87
Marantz SD-165Tape deck   86
Marantz SD-221Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-225Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-242Tape deck   84
Marantz SD-255Tape deck   85
Marantz SD-265Tape deck   86
Marantz SD-285Tape deck   88
Marantz SD-320Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-321Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-340Tape deck   84
Marantz SD-351Tape deck   85
Marantz SD-385Tape deck   88
Marantz SD-420Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-440Tape deck   84
Marantz SD-455Tape deck   98
Marantz SD-525Tape deck   91
Marantz SD-530Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-535Tape deck   95
Marantz SD-545Tape deck   96
Marantz SD-551Tape deck   85
Marantz SD-555Tape deck   97
Marantz SD-565Tape deck   86
Marantz SD-725Tape deck   91
Marantz SD-800Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-1000Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-1015Tape deck   81
Marantz SD-1020Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-1020aTape deck   94
Marantz SD-2020Tape deck   98
Marantz SD-2030Tape deck   81
Marantz SD-3000Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-3020Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-3030Tape deck   81
Marantz SD-3510Tape deck   82
Marantz SD-4000Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-4050Tape deck   dual, autorev, hxpro00
Marantz SD-6000Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-8000Tape deck   79
Marantz SD-9000Tape deck   79
Marantz SLT-12uTurntable   belt drive68
Marantz SM-6Amp-Solid   30w x 2, int78
Marantz SM-17saAmp-Solid   60w stereo, bridgeable to 200w mono01
Marantz SM-80Amp-Solid   120w x 2, bridgeable91
Marantz SM-11 s1Amp-Solid   110w, 2ch, 57 lbs08
Marantz SM-500Amp-Solid   85w x 297
Marantz SM-1000Amp-Solid   400w x 2, 49 lbs78
Marantz SM-6100saAmp-Multi   50w x 2, 70w x 201
Marantz SR-14exReceiver   140w, dd, hdcd00
Marantz SR-18Surr Proc   140w99
Marantz SR-18exReceiver   dd, dts01
Marantz SR-19Amp-Multi   100w x 600
Marantz SR-19exReceiver   dd, dts, 50 lbs 01
Marantz SR-45Receiver   80w x 295
Marantz SR-48Receiver   98
Marantz SR-48 mkIIReceiver   50w00
Marantz SR-52Receiver   45w x 291
Marantz SR-53Receiver   90w x 293
Marantz SR-62Receiver   70w x 291
Marantz SR-63Receiver   140w x 293
Marantz SR-66Receiver   200w x 296
Marantz SR-68Receiver   75w x 200
Marantz SR-73Receiver   75w front93
Marantz SR-82Receiver   75w x 592
Marantz SR-82 mkIIReceiver   95
Marantz SR-92Receiver   100w x 291
Marantz SR-92 mkIIReceiver   100w x 295
Marantz SR-96Receiver   96
Marantz SR-110Receiver   02
Marantz SR-220Receiver   22w x 282
Marantz SR-225Receiver   25w x 284
Marantz SR-240Receiver   25w x 284
Marantz SR-250Receiver   25w x 285
Marantz SR-340Receiver   35w x 284
Marantz SR-360Receiver   25w x 286
Marantz SR-4002Receiver   80w, 7.1ch08
Marantz SR-430Receiver   30w x 282
Marantz SR-440Receiver   25w x 284
Marantz SR-480Receiver   98
Marantz SR-5002Receiver   90w, 7.1ch08
Marantz SR-520Receiver   82
Marantz SR-560Receiver   45w x 286
Marantz SR-580Receiver   98
Marantz SR-585Surr Proc   99
Marantz SR-620Receiver   55w x 282
Marantz SR-620cxReceiver   55w x 282
Marantz SR-640Receiver   45w x 284
Marantz SR-670Receiver   96
Marantz SR-680Receiver   80w x 297
Marantz SR-685Receiver   00
Marantz SR-770Receiver   97
Marantz SR-780Receiver   97
Marantz SR-8001Surr Proc   7.1ch, 33 lbs06
Marantz SR-8002Receiver   125w, 7ch, hdmi08
Marantz SR-840Receiver   70w x 284
Marantz SR-870Receiver   96
Marantz SR-880Receiver   5ch97
Marantz SR-880 mkIISurr Proc   110w x 3, 60w x 298
Marantz SR-940Receiver   100w x 284
Marantz SR-1000Receiver   25w x 279
Marantz SR-1020Receiver   94
Marantz SR-1100Receiver   30w x 282
Marantz SR-1200Receiver   90w x 297
Marantz SR-2000Receiver   30w x 279
Marantz SR-3000Receiver   5 ch, dolby pro logic00
Marantz SR-3100Receiver   44w x 281
Marantz SR-3200Receiver   88
Marantz SR-3300Receiver   60w x 288
Marantz SR-3500Receiver   110w x 288
Marantz SR-3600Receiver   120w x 288
Marantz SR-4000Receiver   50w x 279
Marantz SR-4120Receiver   01
Marantz SR-4200Receiver   70w, 5 ch01
Marantz SR-4300Receiver   80w, 6ch02
Marantz SR-4320Receiver   60w x 202
Marantz SR-4400Receiver   80w, 6ch04
Marantz SR-4500Receiver   80w, 7ch, 34 lbs05
Marantz SR-4600Receiver   80w, 7ch05
Marantz SR-5000Receiver   70w x 600
Marantz SR-5000pReceiver   5ch02
Marantz SR-5100Receiver   65w x 281
Marantz SR-5200Receiver   85w, 6 ch01
Marantz SR-5300Receiver   90w, 6ch02
Marantz SR-5400Receiver   90w, 6ch04
Marantz SR-5500Receiver   35 lbs04
Marantz SR-5600Receiver   90w, 7ch05
Marantz SR-6000Receiver   70w x 279
Marantz SR-6200Receiver   105w, 6 ch01
Marantz SR-6300Receiver   100w, 6ch02
Marantz SR-6400Receiver   100w, 6ch04
Marantz SR-7000Receiver   100w x 6, with remote, 50 lbs00
Marantz SR-7100Receiver   63w x 281
Marantz SR-7200Receiver   105w x 6, with remote, 50 lbs01
Marantz SR-7300Receiver   105w, 6ch02
Marantz SR-7300 OSEReceiver   03
Marantz SR-7400Receiver   45 lbs03
Marantz SR-7500Receiver   105w, 7ch, 40 lbs05
Marantz SR-8000Receiver   70w x 279
Marantz SR-8200Receiver   120w, 6ch02
Marantz SR-8400Receiver   7ch04
Marantz SR-8500Receiver   110w, 7ch, thx04
Marantz SR-9200Receiver   120w, 7 ch02
Marantz SR-9300Receiver   140w, 7.1ch03
Marantz SR-9600Receiver   140w, 7ch, ultra 2 thx04
Marantz ST-17Tuner   98
Marantz ST-35Tuner   88
Marantz ST-46Tuner   97
Marantz ST-50Tuner   91
Marantz ST-53Tuner   93
Marantz ST-54Tuner   87
Marantz ST-55Tuner   95
Marantz ST-59Tuner   00
Marantz ST-74Tuner   am-fm, 8 lbs85
Marantz ST-300Tuner   79
Marantz ST-340Tuner   84
Marantz ST-400Tuner   79
Marantz ST-432Tuner   with remote89
Marantz ST-440Tuner   84
Marantz ST-500Tuner   79
Marantz ST-530Tuner   7 lbs82
Marantz ST-551Tuner   am-fm, 5 lbs86
Marantz ST-560Tuner   86
Marantz ST-561Tuner   87
Marantz ST-6000pTuner   am-fm02
Marantz ST-7001Tuner   am-fm-xm06
Marantz ST-6000Tuner   00
Marantz TA-52Receiver   60w x 285
Marantz TA-60Receiver   60w x 286
Marantz TA-70Receiver   70w x 285
Marantz TA-71Receiver   80w x 286
Marantz TA-80Receiver   100w x 286
Marantz TA-100Receiver   100w x 287
Marantz TA-110Receiver   110w x 285
Marantz TA-130Receiver   130w x 285
Marantz TA-135Receiver   130w x 287
Marantz TA-150Receiver   150w x 285
Marantz TA-165Receiver   165w x 286
Marantz TA-170Receiver   165w x 287
Marantz TT-140Turntable   belt, 33, 4584
Marantz TT-151Turntable   belt, 33, 4585
Marantz TT-15s1Turntable   belt, 33,45, 20 lbs05
Marantz TT-170Turntable   belt, 33, 4587
Marantz TT-185Turntable   belt, 33, 4588
Marantz TT-240Turntable   direct, 33, 4584
Marantz TT-251Turntable   direct, 33, 4585
Marantz TT-275Turntable   direct, 33, 4588
Marantz TT-285Turntable   belt, 33, 4588
Marantz TT-440Turntable   belt, 33, 4584
Marantz TT-451Turntable   belt, 33, 4585
Marantz TT-510Turntable   direct, 33, 4583
Marantz TT-530Turntable   direct, 33, 4583
Marantz TT-1060Turntable   belt, 33, 4582
Marantz TT-1080Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Marantz TT-1200Turntable   81
Marantz TT-2000Turntable   79
Marantz TT-2200Turntable   81
Marantz TT-4000Turntable   79
Marantz TT-4200Turntable   81
Marantz TT-6000Turntable   79
Marantz TT-6200Turntable   81
Marantz UD7006Video  
Marantz UD-9004CD-Player   cd, sacd, dvd audio, blu ray, 43 lbs09
Marantz VC-5000Video   dvd, 5 disc00
Marantz VC-5200Video   5 disc, dvd, progressive scan01
Marantz VC-8100Video   dvd, 301 disc00
Marantz VC-5000pVideo   dvd, 5 disc02
Marantz VP-12 s1Video   dlp, prog, 700 lumens02
Marantz VP-12 s2Video   proj, wxga, 700 lumens, 26 lbs02
Marantz VP-12 s3Video   proj, DLP, 1280x720, 29 lbs04
Marantz VP-600Video   dlp, prog, 700 lumens02
Marantz VP-8000Video   DLP projector00
Marantz VP-8100Video   DLP projector00
Marantz VP-8770Video   proj, LCD, front97
Marantz XV-5270Video   52in, in-wall projection tv99
Marantz ZR-6001Surr Proc   dig surround06
Marantz ZS-5300Amp-Solid   int, 6 source, 3 zone03
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