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Model Description Yr
McIntosh 15w-1Amp-Tube   15w, mono49
McIntosh 20w-2Amp-Tube   20w, mono51
McIntosh 50w-1Amp-Tube   50w, mono49
McIntosh 50w-2Amp-Tube   50w, mono51
McIntosh A-116Amp-Tube   30w, mono53
McIntosh AE-2Pre-Tube   mono50
McIntosh BLI-23Equalizer   2 xlr in, 3 xlr out06
McIntosh C-4Pre-Tube   mono50
McIntosh C-4pPre-Tube   mono, with power supply54
McIntosh C-8Pre-Tube   mono55
McIntosh C-8pPre-Tube   mono55
McIntosh C-8sPre-Tube   stereo58
McIntosh C-1000 ReferencePre-Tube   2 pcs, 100 lbs09
McIntosh C-11Pre-Tube   stereo61
McIntosh C-15Pre-Solid   16 lbs99
McIntosh C-20Pre-Tube   stereo59
McIntosh C-22Pre-Tube   stereo63
McIntosh C-220Pre-Solid  
McIntosh C-22 reissuePre-Tube   5 lines ins, 2 phono ins, 18 lbs95
McIntosh C-24Pre-Solid   blk glass upper, first ss pre64
McIntosh C-26Pre-Solid   2ch, full black glass faceplate68
McIntosh C-27Pre-Solid   updated version of c-2677
McIntosh C-28Pre-Solid   2ch, black lighted front glass70
McIntosh C-29Pre-Solid   without mc78
McIntosh C-30Pre-Solid   7 inputs, 2 tape85
McIntosh C-31vPre-Solid   9 av inputs87
McIntosh C-32Pre-Solid   77
McIntosh C-33Pre-Solid   81
McIntosh C-34vPre-Solid   5 band eq85
McIntosh C-35Pre-Solid   with remote, 28 lbs89
McIntosh C-36Pre-Solid   control center92
McIntosh C-37Pre-Solid   with remote91
McIntosh C-38Pre-Solid   with remote92
McIntosh C-39Pre-Solid   with remote, 45 lbs 93
McIntosh C-40Pre-Solid   control center92
McIntosh C-41Pre-Solid   bal in-out99
McIntosh C-42Pre-Solid   with mm99
McIntosh C-45Surr Proc   6ch, mm, 42 lbs04
McIntosh C-46Pre-Solid   control center, 8 ins, 26 lbs03
McIntosh C-500cPre-Tube   08
McIntosh C-500pPre-Solid   5 inputs, mm-mc, 25 lbs08
McIntosh C-100Pre-Solid   dual chassis, remote97
McIntosh C-104Pre-Tube   mono52
McIntosh C-108Pre-Tube   mono53
McIntosh C-200Pre-Solid   with remote, mm-mc, 47 lbs01
McIntosh C-500tPre-Tube   5 inputs, mm-mc, 26 lbs08
McIntosh C-504Pre-Solid   without mc80
McIntosh C-712Pre-Solid   control center93
McIntosh C-1000cPre-Solid   Controller for c1000 pre06
McIntosh C-1000pPre-Solid   solid state, mm-mc, bal-se05
McIntosh C-1000tPre-Tube   mm-mc, bal-se, 80 lbs05
McIntosh C-2200Pre-Tube   mm, 8 inputs, 27 lbs02
McIntosh C-2300Pre-Tube   mm-mc, rem, 30 lbs02
McIntosh Classic sysAmp-Tube   MC75, C22, LE versions09
McIntosh CR-7Pre-Solid   remote control system87
McIntosh CR-8Pre-Solid   remote area controller87
McIntosh CR-10Pre-Solid   remote control system92
McIntosh CR-12Pre-Solid   multizone control system95
McIntosh CR-16Surr Proc   multizone control center01
McIntosh CS-150Spkr-Full   pr, 3way, shielded01
McIntosh CS-350Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way01
McIntosh HT-1Spkr-Moni   8in woof, 3-1in twtrs, 100 lbs93
McIntosh HT-2Subwoofer   12in woof, 91 lbs93
McIntosh HT-3Spkr-Moni   pr, 5in woof, 2-1in twtrs, 50 lbs93
McIntosh HT-4Spkr-Moni   ctr, 6in woof, 3-1in twtrs, 23 lbs94
McIntosh HT-5Spkr-Moni   pr, 2way, shielded01
McIntosh HT-12Subwoofer   12in woof01
McIntosh LS-310Spkr-Full   pr, 8in woof, 1in twtr93
McIntosh LS-320Spkr-Moni   pr, 2way, shielded01
McIntosh LS-330Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 1in twtr93
McIntosh LS-340Spkr-Full   pr, 3way, shielded01
McIntosh LS-350Spkr-Full   pr, 2-10in woofs, mid, 1in twtr93
McIntosh LS-360Spkr-Full   pr, 2-10in woofs, 5-1in twtrs01
McIntosh MA-5Tuner   fm stereo adapter for mr-6555
McIntosh MA-6Tuner   fm stereo adapter for mr-6655
McIntosh MA-230Amp-Tube   38w, 50 lbs63
McIntosh MA-2275Amp-Tube   75w, int, mm phono, 77 lbs04
McIntosh MA-5100Amp-Solid   45w, 2ch, int66
McIntosh MA-6100Amp-Solid   70w x 2, int, 46 lbs 72
McIntosh MA-6200Amp-Solid   75w x 2, 30 lbs78
McIntosh MA-6300Amp-Solid   100w, int, 55 lbs06
McIntosh MA-6400Amp-Solid   100w x 2, with remote, int97
McIntosh MA-6450Amp-Solid   100w, 2ch00
McIntosh MA-6500Amp-Solid   120w, 2ch99
McIntosh MA-6600Amp-Solid   200w, int, 75 lbs08
McIntosh MA-6800Amp-Solid   150w x 2, int97
McIntosh MA-6850Amp-Solid   150w x 298
McIntosh MA-6900Amp-Solid   200w, int, bal in, 5 band eq01
McIntosh MA-7000Amp-Solid   250w, int, 98 lbs06
McIntosh MAC-3Surr Proc   dd surround decoder97
McIntosh MAC-1500Receiver   35w x 2, tube65
McIntosh MAC-1700Receiver   45w x 2, hybrid, 45 lbs 67
McIntosh MAC-1900Receiver   55w x 2, solid state73
McIntosh MAC-4100Receiver   75w x 2, 70 lbs78
McIntosh MAC-4200Receiver   75w, 2ch, 6 in, 6 presets85
McIntosh MAC-4275Receiver   75w, 2ch, 3 band eq88
McIntosh MAC-4280Receiver   75w x 2, with remote88
McIntosh MAC-4300vReceiver   100w x 2, with remote88
McIntosh MAP-1Surr Proc   6ch, analog only proc02
McIntosh MC-30Amp-Tube   30w x 1, 30 lbs ea. 54
McIntosh MC-40Amp-Tube   40w x 162
McIntosh MC-50Amp-Tube   50w x 169
McIntosh MC-58Amp-Multi   50w, 8 ch, bridgeable01
McIntosh MC-60Amp-Tube   60w x 155
McIntosh MC-75Amp-Tube   75w x 161
McIntosh MC-1.2kWAmp-Solid   1200w, mono pr, 420 lbs08
McIntosh MC-100Amp-Solid   100w x 170
McIntosh MC-122Amp-Solid   120w x 298
McIntosh MC-126Amp-Multi   120w, 6 ch, bridgeable01
McIntosh MC-150Amp-Solid   150w x 295
McIntosh MC-162Amp-Solid   160w x 298
McIntosh MC-202Amp-Solid   200w, 90 lbs 99
McIntosh MC-205Amp-Multi   200w, 5ch, 85 lbs07
McIntosh MC-206Amp-Multi   200w, with remote, 6 ch01
McIntosh MC-207Amp-Multi   200w, 7ch04
McIntosh MC-225Amp-Tube   25w x 2, 45 lbs61
McIntosh MC-230Amp-Tube   30w x 2, int63
McIntosh MC-2301Amp-Tube   mono pr09
McIntosh MC-240Amp-Tube   40w x 2, 40 lbs60
McIntosh MC-250Amp-Solid   50w x 267
McIntosh MC-252Amp-Solid   250w, 2ch, 95 lbs04
McIntosh MC-275Amp-Tube   75w x 2, 90 lbs 61
McIntosh MC-275 mkVAmp-Tube   75w, KT88, 75 lbs shipped10
McIntosh MC-275 reissueAmp-Tube   75w x 297
McIntosh MC-275seAmp-Solid   60w x 297
McIntosh MC-2KWAmp-Solid   2KW, mono pr, 680 lbs05
McIntosh MC-300Amp-Solid   300w x 295
McIntosh MC-303Amp-Solid   300w, 155 lbs09
McIntosh MC-352Amp-Solid   350w, stainless steel, 125 lbs 99
McIntosh MC-353Amp-Solid   350w, 2ch, 700w mono02
McIntosh MC-401Amp-Solid   400w, 2ch03
McIntosh MC-402Amp-Solid   400w, 2ch, 800w mono, 111 lbs03
McIntosh MC-500Amp-Solid   500w x 294
McIntosh MC-501Amp-Solid   500w mono pr, 184 lbs03
McIntosh MC-502Amp-Solid   50w x 2, 27 lbs78
McIntosh MC-602Amp-Solid   600w x 299
McIntosh MC-752Amp-Solid   75w x 285
McIntosh MC-754Amp-Solid   100w x 2, 200w x 188
McIntosh MC-1000Amp-Solid   1000w x 1, bal in92
McIntosh MC-1201Amp-Solid   1200w monoblock, bal, 147 lbs01
McIntosh MC-2000Amp-Tube   130w, 150 lbs00
McIntosh MC-2002Amp-Solid   200w x 285
McIntosh MC-2100Amp-Solid   105w x 2, 60 lbs 69
McIntosh MC-2102Amp-Tube   100w. bridged-parallel mono, 88 lbs01
McIntosh MC-2105Amp-Solid   105w x 2, 93 lbs67
McIntosh MC-2120Amp-Solid   120w x 276
McIntosh MC-2125Amp-Solid   120w x 2, 80 lbs 76
McIntosh MC-2150Amp-Solid   150w x 2, 58 lbs82
McIntosh MC-2155Amp-Solid   150w x 2, 65 lbs81
McIntosh MC-2200Amp-Solid   200w x 276
McIntosh MC-2205Amp-Solid   200w x 275
McIntosh MC-2250Amp-Solid   250w x 2, 80 lbs82
McIntosh MC-2255Amp-Solid   250w x 2, 82 lbs81
McIntosh MC-2300Amp-Solid   300w x 271
McIntosh MC-2500Amp-Solid   500w x 2, 129 lbs80
McIntosh MC-2505Amp-Solid   50w x 267
McIntosh MC-2600Amp-Solid   600w x 2, 1200w x 1, 134 lbs90
McIntosh MC-7100Amp-Solid   100w x 2, 24 lbs92
McIntosh MC-7104Amp-Multi   100w x 495
McIntosh MC-7106Amp-Multi   100w x 6, 60 lbs 92
McIntosh MC-7108Amp-Multi   40w x 894
McIntosh MC-7150Amp-Solid   150w x 291
McIntosh MC-7200Amp-Solid   200w x 2, 600w x 189
McIntosh MC-7205Amp-Multi   120w, 5ch, 72 lbs97
McIntosh MC-7270Amp-Solid   270w x 2, 540w x 1, 82 lbs85
McIntosh MC-7300Amp-Solid   300w x 291
McIntosh MCD-201CD-Player   cd-sacd, output level cont06
McIntosh MCD-205CD-Player   5 disc, rca xlr analog out02
McIntosh MCD-301CD-Player   cd, sacd, 40 lbs07
McIntosh MCD-500CD-Player   cd, sacd, 2 dig inputs, 45 lbs07
McIntosh MCD-751CD-Trans   40 lbs 99
McIntosh MCD-1000CD-Player   coax, optical, 26 lbs04
McIntosh MCD-7000CD-Player   with remote85
McIntosh MCD-7005CD-Player   16-bit, 32 lbs87
McIntosh MCD-7007CD-Player   with remote88
McIntosh MCD-7008CD-Player   6 disc, 30 lbs 92
McIntosh MCD-7009CD-Player   dig out, 22 lbs95
McIntosh MCD-7010CD-Player   rem, coax, dig out, 22 lbs99
McIntosh MCD-7020CD-Player   laserdisc player99
McIntosh MCP-1Pre-Solid   with mc84
McIntosh MDA-700CD-DAC   20 bit da per channel99
McIntosh MDA-1000CD-DAC   24-192, volume control, 24 lbs04
McIntosh MHT-100Receiver   multizone, 6 ch main01
McIntosh MHT-200Receiver   100w, 8ch, 102 lbs04
McIntosh ML-1cSpkr-Moni   pr, 12in woof, 4way, 70 lbs 70
McIntosh ML-2cSpkr-Moni   pair71
McIntosh ML-2mSpkr-Moni   pair71
McIntosh ML-4cSpkr-Moni   pair71
McIntosh ML-4mSpkr-Full   pair71
McIntosh ML-10cSpkr-Moni   pair73
McIntosh MLD-7020Video   cd-ld, dig out, rem, 54 lbs95
McIntosh MQ-101Equalizer   3 band70
McIntosh MQ-102Equalizer   70
McIntosh MQ-104Equalizer   4 band77
McIntosh MQ-107Equalizer   7 band81
McIntosh MQ-108Equalizer   7 band93
McIntosh MQ-109bEqualizer   93
McIntosh MR-55Tuner   tube, mono57
McIntosh MR-55aTuner   tube, mono59
McIntosh MR-65Tuner   tube, mono60
McIntosh MR-65bTuner   tube, stereo62
McIntosh MR-66Tuner   tube, stereo60
McIntosh MR-67Tuner   tube, stereo63
McIntosh MR-71Tuner   tube, stereo63
McIntosh MR-73Tuner   solid state, am, fm69
McIntosh MR-74Tuner   solid state, am, fm72
McIntosh MR-75Tuner   23 lbs80
McIntosh MR-77Tuner   solid state, fm70
McIntosh MR-78Tuner   solid state, 27 lbs72
McIntosh MR-80Tuner   fm only, dig display, 28 lbs80
McIntosh MR-85Tuner   9 presets, single chassis00
McIntosh MR-88Tuner   am,fm,hd,xm, 40 lbs09
McIntosh MR-500Tuner   with fm only, 18 lbs83
McIntosh MR-510Tuner   solid state, digital, fm86
McIntosh MR-7082Tuner   solid state, digital86
McIntosh MR-7083Tuner   30 lbs 90
McIntosh MR-7084Tuner   solid state, digital95
McIntosh MS-300CD-Player   300gb hdd, 850 disc05
McIntosh MS-750Equalizer   music server, 750GB, 32 lbs08
McIntosh MSD-4Surr Proc   dd, dts, 3-24 bit proc98
McIntosh MSE-1Surr Proc   expander00
McIntosh MT-10Turntable   string, 33,45,78, 100 lbs95
McIntosh MVP-851Video   24-192, prog scan, 20 lbs02
McIntosh MVP-831CD-Player   96k, 24 bit, 45 lbs99
McIntosh MVP-841Video   dvd, 24 bit, 96kHz, remote, 20 lbs02
McIntosh MVP-861Video   dvd, cd, sacd04
McIntosh MVP-871CD-Player   universal, hdcd, 34 lbs07
McIntosh MVP-881Video  
McIntosh MVS-1Video   video switcher86
McIntosh MVS-2Video   video switcher91
McIntosh MVS-3Video   audio video switcher92
McIntosh MX-110Pre-Tube   tube tuner62
McIntosh MX-112Pre-Solid   with tuner68
McIntosh MX-113Pre-Solid   with tuner71
McIntosh MX-114Pre-Solid   with tuner69
McIntosh MX-115Pre-Solid   with tuner71
McIntosh MX-117Pre-Solid   with tuner80
McIntosh MX-118Pre-Solid   with tuner96
McIntosh MX-119Surr Proc   24 bit, 192 kHz, 46 lbs05
McIntosh MX-120Surr Proc   hdmi, 70 lbs08
McIntosh MX-130Pre-Solid   with tuner96
McIntosh MX-132Pre-Solid   dts, thx00
McIntosh MX-134Pre-Solid   12 av inputs01
McIntosh MX-135Surr Proc   7.1ch, av control04
McIntosh MX-136Surr Proc   50 lbs07
McIntosh MX-150Surr Proc   room correction09
McIntosh PS-112Subwoofer   400w amp, 12 in woofer01
McIntosh SCR-1Pre-Solid   speaker relay switch70
McIntosh SCR-2Pre-Solid   for 34v71
McIntosh SCR-2aPre-Solid   spkr relay switch for c-34v91
McIntosh SCR-3Pre-Solid   spkr relay switch for c-31v, others91
McIntosh SL-1Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 85 lbs97
McIntosh SL-4Spkr-Full   pr, 6.5in woof, 3way, 46 lbs95
McIntosh SL-6Spkr-Full   pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way, 115 lbs95
McIntosh ST-1Spkr-Full   pr, 10in woof, 2in twtr75
McIntosh ST-2Spkr-Full   pr, 10in woof, mid, 1in twt75
McIntosh ST-3Spkr-Full   pr, 12in woof, 5in mid75
McIntosh ST-4Spkr-Full   pr, 12in woof, 5in mid75
McIntosh TM-1Tuner   am-fm04
McIntosh VP-1000Video   2 zone, video proc08
McIntosh WS-200Spkr-Moni   pair90
McIntosh WS-210Spkr-Moni   pair95
McIntosh WS-220Spkr-Moni   pair95
McIntosh WS-320Spkr-Moni   in-wall, 2-way, shielded01
McIntosh XCS-2KSpkr-Moni   ctr, 3-12in woofs, 314 lbs08
McIntosh XCS-350Spkr-Full   2-8in woofs, 3way05
McIntosh XD-715Spkr-Full   pr, 3way86
McIntosh XD-717Spkr-Full   pr, 12in woof, mid, 1in twtr86
McIntosh XL-1Spkr-Full   pr, 2way83
McIntosh XL-1wSubwoofer   ea, sub to match XL-185
McIntosh XL-10Spkr-Full   pr, 3way82
McIntosh XLS-112Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 95 lbs05
McIntosh XLS-320Spkr-Full   pr, 6.5in woof, 5-1in twtrs, 46 lbs05
McIntosh XLS-340Spkr-Full   pr, 2-8in woofs, 5-1in twts, 130 lbs05
McIntosh XLS-360Spkr-Full   pr, 2-10in woofs, 5 twtrs, 210 lbs05
McIntosh XR-3Spkr-Moni   pair76
McIntosh XR-5Spkr-Moni   pair76
McIntosh XR-6Spkr-Full   pair77
McIntosh XR-7Spkr-Full   pair76
McIntosh XR-14Spkr-Full   pair79
McIntosh XR-16Spkr-Full   pair80
McIntosh XR-19Spkr-Full   pair81
McIntosh XR-27Spkr-Full   pr, 4-8in woofs03
McIntosh XR-17Spkr-Moni   pair81
McIntosh XR-200Spkr-Full   pr, 3-8in woofs, 274 lbs09
McIntosh XR-230Spkr-Full   pr, 10in woof, 5in mid, 1in twtr90
McIntosh XR-240Spkr-Full   pair90
McIntosh XR-250Spkr-Full   pair91
McIntosh XR-290Spkr-Full   pr, 4-12in woofs, 4way, 700 lbs92
McIntosh XR-1051Spkr-Full   pr,4 way, 90 lbs each83
McIntosh XR-1052Spkr-Full   pr, 4 way86
McIntosh XRT-18Spkr-Full   pr, 3 way85
McIntosh XRT-1kSpkr-Full   pr, 2-10in woofs, 3way, 336 lbs08
McIntosh XRT-20Spkr-Full   pair79
McIntosh XRT-22Spkr-Full   pr, 3way86
McIntosh XRT-24Spkr-Full   pr, 2-10in woofs, 4way, 260 lbs94
McIntosh XRT-25Spkr-Full   pr, 12in woof, 16-1in twtrs99
McIntosh XRT-26Spkr-Full   pr, 2-12in woofs, 4way, 400 lbs93
McIntosh XRT-27Spkr-Full   4-8in woofs, mid, twtrs04
McIntosh XRT-28Spkr-Full   2-10in woofs, mids, twtrs, 248 lbs04
McIntosh XRT-29Spkr-Full   30-4in mids, 25-1in twtrs03
McIntosh XRT-2kSpkr-Full   pr, 6-12in woofs, 40 twtrs, 904 lbs05
McIntosh XRT-30Spkr-Full   pr, 2-12in woofs, columns04
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