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Model Description Yr
Myryad Cameo cdCD-Player   24 bit delta sigma01
Myryad Cameo intAmp-Solid   50w, int, pre out01
Myryad Cameo tnrTuner   fm, rca out, remote01
Myryad MA-120Amp-Solid   60w x 298
Myryad MA-240Amp-Solid   120w, 2ch, class AB01
Myryad MA-340Amp-Multi   120w x 300
Myryad MA-360Amp-Multi   120w, 3ch, bridgeable01
Myryad MA-500Amp-Solid   250w x 297
Myryad MC-100CD-Player   1 bit, 8x os, remote, 15 lbs97
Myryad MCD-200CD-Player   12 lbs03
Myryad MCD-500CD-Player   delta sigma dac98
Myryad MCD-600 CD-Player   delta sigma dac98
Myryad MDP-500Surr Proc   ac3, 7.1 ch input00
Myryad MDV-200Video   dvd, mp302
Myryad MDV-300Video   dvd, 22 lbs03
Myryad MI-120Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int, with remote96
Myryad MI-240Amp-Solid   120w, int, 34 lbs01
Myryad MP-100Pre-Solid   with remote97
Myryad MT-100Tuner   fm only, remote, 14 lbs97
Myryad MXA-0151Amp-Solid   80w, 2ch05
Myryad MXA-0152Amp-Multi   80w, 4ch05
Myryad MXA-0153Amp-Multi   80w, 6ch05
Myryad MXA-0154Amp-Multi   80w, 8ch05
Myryad MXA-0155Amp-Multi   80w, 10ch05
Myryad MXA-0156Amp-Multi   80w, 12ch05
Myryad MXA-0157Amp-Multi   80w, 14ch05
Myryad MXA-2080Amp-Solid   80w, 2ch05
Myryad MXA-2150Amp-Solid   150w, 2ch05
Myryad MXA-3150Amp-Multi   150w, 3ch05
Myryad MXA-4150Amp-Multi   150w, 4ch05
Myryad MXA-5150Amp-Multi   150w, 5ch05
Myryad MXA-6150Amp-Multi   150w, 6ch05
Myryad MXA-7150Amp-Multi   150w, 7ch05
Myryad MXC-6000CD-Player   24-192, 25 lbs07
Myryad MXD-6000Surr Proc   dd, dts, dpl II04
Myryad MXD-7000Pre-Solid   se in-out05
Myryad MXI-2080Amp-Solid   int, 2ch, class A05
Myryad MXI-2150Amp-Solid   2ch, class A, int05
Myryad MXP-2000Pre-Solid   2ch, se in-out05
Myryad T-10CD-Player   20 bit, delta sigma99
Myryad T-20CD-Player   20 bit, delta sigma99
Myryad T-30Tuner   with fm, 29 presets99
Myryad T-40Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int, with linestage99
Myryad T-50Pre-Solid   2 ch, 6 ch input, surr proc99
Myryad T-60Amp-Solid   50w x 2, line inputs99
Myryad T-70Amp-Multi   40w x 599
Myryad Z-110CD-Player   24 bit, 96 kHz02
Myryad Z-120Video   dvd, prog scan02
Myryad Z-122Video   dvd, 14 lbs04
Myryad Z-130Tuner   fm stereo, rds02
Myryad Z-140Amp-Solid   50w, int, 15 lbs02
Myryad Z-160Amp-Solid   50w, 2ch, class AB02
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