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Model Description Yr
Nakamichi 410Pre-Solid   77
Nakamichi 420Amp-Solid   50w77
Nakamichi 430Tuner   78
Nakamichi 480Tape deck   79
Nakamichi 480zTape deck   dolby80
Nakamichi 481Tape deck   79
Nakamichi 481zTape deck   dolby79
Nakamichi 482Tape deck   79
Nakamichi 482zTape deck   dolby79
Nakamichi 500Tape deck   74
Nakamichi 530Receiver   55w78
Nakamichi 550Tape deck   74
Nakamichi 580Tape deck   78
Nakamichi 580mTape deck   78
Nakamichi 581Tape deck   79
Nakamichi 581zTape deck   dolby81
Nakamichi 582Tape deck   20 lbs79
Nakamichi 582zTape deck   dolby79
Nakamichi 600Tape deck   75
Nakamichi 600bTape deck   75
Nakamichi 600mkIITape deck   78
Nakamichi 610Pre-Solid   77
Nakamichi 610bPre-Solid   77
Nakamichi 620Amp-Solid   100w76
Nakamichi 630Pre-Solid   with tuner79
Nakamichi 660zxTape deck   79
Nakamichi 670zxTape deck   79
Nakamichi 680Tape deck   79
Nakamichi 680zxTape deck   79
Nakamichi 681zxTape deck   dolby80
Nakamichi 682zxTape deck   dolby80
Nakamichi 700Tape deck   73
Nakamichi 700mkIITape deck   73
Nakamichi 700zxeTape deck   81
Nakamichi 700zxlTape deck   80
Nakamichi 730Receiver   105w78
Nakamichi 1000Tape deck   73
Nakamichi 1000mbCD-Trans   7 disc, dig otpt, 35 lbs92
Nakamichi 1000mkIITape deck   77
Nakamichi 1000rTape deck   20 bit, 8x os, dat, 39 lbs89
Nakamichi 1000zxlTape deck   79
Nakamichi 1000zxl LTDTape deck   gold face83
Nakamichi AV-1Receiver   310w total, surround, remote92
Nakamichi AV-1sReceiver   100w, 5 channels97
Nakamichi AV-2Receiver   215w total, with remote92
Nakamichi AV-2sReceiver   80w, 4 channels, dsp proc97
Nakamichi AV-3sReceiver   55w, 4 channels, dsp proc97
Nakamichi AV-7Surr Proc   5 ch, 30 lbs 98
Nakamichi AV-8Receiver   5 ch00
Nakamichi AV-10Amp-Solid   5 ch98
Nakamichi BX-1Tape deck   82
Nakamichi BX-2Tape deck   82
Nakamichi BX-100Tape deck   dolby b, 2 head84
Nakamichi BX-125Tape deck   dolby b-c, 2 head, 3 motors85
Nakamichi BX-150Tape deck   84
Nakamichi BX-300Tape deck   dolby b-c, 3 head, 3 motors84
Nakamichi CA-1Surr Proc   ac-3 dig inputs97
Nakamichi CA-5Pre-Solid   with min controls, 7 inputs85
Nakamichi CA-5 mkIIPre-Solid   88
Nakamichi CA-5a mkIIPre-Solid   precision relay switching88
Nakamichi CA-7Pre-Solid   86
Nakamichi CA-7aPre-Solid   with remote86
Nakamichi CassetteDeck 1Tape deck   3 head, dual capstan90
Nakamichi CassetteDeck 1.5Tape deck   3 head91
Nakamichi CassetteDeck 2Tape deck   2 head90
Nakamichi CD-1CD-Player   dolby b ar cass92
Nakamichi CD-2CD-Player   6 plus 1, with remote90
Nakamichi CD-3CD-Player   6 plus 1, with remote90
Nakamichi CD-4CD-Player   18 bit, with remote90
Nakamichi CDC-2aCD-Player   with remote88
Nakamichi CDC-3aCD-Player   6 disc, with remote89
Nakamichi CDC-4aCD-Player   6 disc, with remote89
Nakamichi CDR-10CD-Player   5-disc changer, 1 disc cdr, cdrw00
Nakamichi CM-100Tweaks   electret mic79
Nakamichi CM-300sTweaks   electret mic79
Nakamichi CM-300tTweaks   electret tri mic system79
Nakamichi CR-1aTape deck   dolby b-c, 2 head88
Nakamichi CR-2aTape deck   dolby b-c, 2 head88
Nakamichi CR-3aTape deck   dolby b-c, 3 head88
Nakamichi CR-4aTape deck   dolby b-c, 3 head88
Nakamichi CR-5aTape deck   dolby b-c, metal, remote86
Nakamichi CR-7aTape deck   dolby b-c, 3 head, 4 motors, remote86
Nakamichi DDR-3Tape deck   92
Nakamichi DE-1Surr Proc   rf demodulator, ac-3 rf input00
Nakamichi DM-500Tweaks   dynamic mic79
Nakamichi DMP-100Surr Proc   hp otpt, line otpt, 9 lbs83
Nakamichi DR-1Tape deck   3 motor, 3 head92
Nakamichi DR-2Tape deck   3 motor, 3 head92
Nakamichi DR-3Tape deck   3 motor, 2 head, with remote, 15 lbs92
Nakamichi DR-8Tape deck   dolby b and c00
Nakamichi DR-10Tape deck   3 head, dual capstans, dolby b, c00
Nakamichi Dragon cassTape deck   auto rev, 3 head, auto azimuth82
Nakamichi Dragon cdCD-Player   7 disc, 20 bit, remote96
Nakamichi Dragon tablTurntable   direct, 33, 4582
Nakamichi DS-170Pre-Solid   digital timer77
Nakamichi DVD-10Video   dvd, dig out, DD, DTS, 8 lbs99
Nakamichi DVD-15CD-Player   5-disc, direct loading00
Nakamichi IA-1DTSAmp-Solid   80w x 5, int00
Nakamichi IA-1ZAmp-Solid   80w int, dolby digital98
Nakamichi IA-1zaAmp-Solid   80w x 5, int00
Nakamichi LA-100Amp-Solid   line amp78
Nakamichi LCD-18Video   proj, dlp01
Nakamichi LX-3Tape deck   2 head82
Nakamichi LX-5Tape deck   3 head81
Nakamichi MB-1CD-Player   musicbank92
Nakamichi MB-1sCD-Player   7-disc, rem, dig out, 20 lbs95
Nakamichi MB-2CD-Player   musicbank92
Nakamichi MB-2sCD-Player   7-disc, rem, dig out, 12 lbs95
Nakamichi MB-3CD-Player   musicbank92
Nakamichi MB-3sCD-Player   7-disc, rem, 12 lbs95
Nakamichi MB-4sCD-Player   7-disc, 11 lbs93
Nakamichi MB-8CD-Player   5-disc, dig out, 12 lbs99
Nakamichi MB-10CD-Player   5-disc, rem, dig out98
Nakamichi MB-150Pre-Solid   with mc79
Nakamichi Model 1000pSurr Proc   dat, outboard digital proc89
Nakamichi MR-1Tape deck   3 head, xlr in-out85
Nakamichi MX-100Tweaks   black box mic78
Nakamichi NR-100Surr Proc   dolby c addon unit81
Nakamichi NR-200Surr Proc   dolby c addon unit82
Nakamichi OMS-1aCD-Player   with remote88
Nakamichi OMS-2aCD-Player   with remote87
Nakamichi OMS-3aCD-Player   16 bit, with remote86
Nakamichi OMS-4aCD-Player   16 bit86
Nakamichi OMS-5CD-Player   front loading, 17 lbs85
Nakamichi OMS-5a mkIICD-Player   16 bit86
Nakamichi OMS-7CD-Player   84
Nakamichi OMS-7a mkIICD-Player   16 bit, with remote86
Nakamichi PA-1Amp-Multi   100w x 597
Nakamichi PA-5Amp-Solid   100w x 2, 36 lbs88
Nakamichi PA-5a mkIIAmp-Solid   150w89
Nakamichi PA-5 mkIIAmp-Solid   150w89
Nakamichi PA-7Amp-Solid   200w88
Nakamichi PA-7 mkIIAmp-Solid   225w89
Nakamichi PA-7a mkIIAmp-Solid   225w89
Nakamichi PDP-42Video   tv, 42in, 540 lines01
Nakamichi PS-100Pre-Solid   power supply79
Nakamichi RC-2CD-DAC   remote signal97
Nakamichi RC-3CD-DAC   remote signal97
Nakamichi RE-1Receiver   160w92
Nakamichi RE-2Receiver   100w92
Nakamichi RE-3Receiver   75w97
Nakamichi RE-10Receiver   100w98
Nakamichi Receiver 1Receiver   80w90
Nakamichi Receiver 2Receiver   55w90
Nakamichi Receiver 3Receiver   37w90
Nakamichi RM-100Tweaks   99
Nakamichi RM-610Pre-Solid   switch panel77
Nakamichi RX-202Tape deck   dolby b-c, 2 head, auto rev82
Nakamichi RX-303Tape deck   auto rev84
Nakamichi RX-505Tape deck   dolby b-c, 3 head, auto rev84
Nakamichi SF-100Subwoofer   subwoofer filter78
Nakamichi Soundspace 1Receiver   cd, am-fm01
Nakamichi Soundspace 2Receiver   with mp301
Nakamichi Soundspace 3Receiver   sys, 1-disc cd00
Nakamichi Soundspace 5Receiver   sys, 3-disc cd00
Nakamichi Soundspace 7Receiver   92
Nakamichi Soundspace 8Receiver   sys, 5-disc cd changer00
Nakamichi Soundspace 8.5Receiver   sys, 60 lbs04
Nakamichi Soundspace 9sReceiver   silver01
Nakamichi Soundspace-10Receiver   5 disc01
Nakamichi Soundspace-11CD-Player   sys, 5-disc cd-dvd changer00
Nakamichi Soundspace-12Receiver   sys, 5-disc cd00
Nakamichi Soundspace-21Receiver   sys, 5-disc cd-dvd changer00
Nakamichi SR-2aReceiver   30w86
Nakamichi SR-3aReceiver   80w86
Nakamichi SR-4aReceiver   60w87
Nakamichi ST-7Tuner   with schotz noise reduction85
Nakamichi T-100Tweaks   audio analyzer, 10 lbs78
Nakamichi TA-1aReceiver   35w88
Nakamichi TA-2aReceiver   50w88
Nakamichi TA-3aReceiver   75w88
Nakamichi TA-4aReceiver   100w, with remote88
Nakamichi TX-1000Turntable   computer center82
Nakamichi VS-100Turntable   vacuum stabilizer82
Nakamichi VU-29Video   lcd, 1260x768, 97 lbs04
Nakamichi VU-50PVideo   plasma, 1366x768, 45 lbs04
Nakamichi ZX-7Tape deck   3 head81
Nakamichi ZX-9Tape deck   3 head82
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