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Model Description Yr
Pioneer A-300r   96
Pioneer A-35r ElitePre-Solid   45w, 2ch, int01
Pioneer A-40Amp-Solid   70w x 2, 14 lbs83
Pioneer A-60Amp-Solid   220w, mc, 21 lbs83
Pioneer A-70Amp-Solid   120w x 2, with mc, 27 lbs83
Pioneer A-90Amp-Solid   200w x 2, 43 lbs83
Pioneer A-A9s   USB08
Pioneer BDP-52FDVideo  
Pioneer BDP-HD1Video   universal, blu ray07
Pioneer CLD-79Video   cd-ld, 1 bit, remote96
Pioneer CLD-99Video   cd-ld, 1 bit, remote96
Pioneer CLD-53Video   1 bit, 384x os, ld, remote95
Pioneer CLD-59Video   1 bit, ld, remote96
Pioneer CLD-980Video   20 bit, 8x os, ld, remote90
Pioneer CLD-1090Video   cd-ld91
Pioneer CLD-D406Video   1 bit, cd-ld00
Pioneer CLD-D501Video   1 bit, 384x os, ld, remote92
Pioneer CLD-D502CD-Player   cd-ld, remote93
Pioneer CLD-D503CD-Player   1 bit, 384x os, ld, remote95
Pioneer CLD-D504Video   cd-ld95
Pioneer CLD-D505Video   cd-ld, remote97
Pioneer CLD-D606Video   cd-ld00
Pioneer CLD-D702Video   cd-ld, 1 bit93
Pioneer CLD-D704Video   cd-ld95
Pioneer CLD-V710Video   cd-ld, karaoke, 19 lbs91
Pioneer CS-G104aSpkr-Moni   pair, 10in woof, 2.5in twtr, 30 lbs97
Pioneer CS-G204Spkr-Moni   pair, 10in woof, 3way, 46 lbs97
Pioneer CS-G304aSpkr-Moni   pair, 12in woof, 3way, 50 lbs97
Pioneer CS-G404Spkr-Moni   pair, 16in woof, 3way, 70 lbs97
Pioneer CS-H305vSpkr-Moni   system, 5 piece, 60 lbs97
Pioneer CS-H505vSpkr-Full   system, 5 piece, 87 lbs97
Pioneer CT-F1000Tape deck   77
Pioneer CTF-650Tape deck   80
Pioneer CTF-900Tape deck   79
Pioneer CT-S55rTape deck   2 head, 3 motor, auto rev85
Pioneer CT-W208Tape deck   dual, auto rev00
Pioneer CT-W604Tape deck   95
Pioneer D-23 s20Equalizer   crossover77
Pioneer DV-05Video   with remote, 12 lbs98
Pioneer DV-09Video   with remote, 33 lbs99
Pioneer DV-09 eliteVideo   with remote99
Pioneer DV-10axVideo   remote, SACD, 60 lbs02
Pioneer DV-343Video   24 bit, 96Khz, remote02
Pioneer DV-37Video   24 bit, 96Khz, remote01
Pioneer DV-38aVideo   24 bit, 192Khz, remote01
Pioneer DV-414Video   with remote, 15 lbs99
Pioneer DV-440Video   24 bit, 192Khz, remote02
Pioneer DV-444Video   dvd, 24 bit, 192Khz, remote02
Pioneer DV-47aVideo   SACD, dvd, 9 lbs02
Pioneer DV-525Video   dvd, 24 bit aud00
Pioneer DV-578a-sVideo   prog scan04
Pioneer DV-59aviVideo   dvd, 12 lbs04
Pioneer DV-606Video   with remote, 7 lbs98
Pioneer DV-79AViCD-Player   universal disc player07
Pioneer DV-AX10Video   dvd, SACD, 24 bit02
Pioneer DVC-302dVideo   00
Pioneer DVC-36Video   dvd, 5 disc, remote02
Pioneer DV-C503Video   dvd, 5 disc, remote02
Pioneer DV-F07Video   dvd, 301 disc, 24 bit aud00
Pioneer DV-F727Video   301 disc, remote02
Pioneer DVL-90CD-Player   97
Pioneer DVL-91Video   23 lbs99
Pioneer DVL-700Video   97
Pioneer DVL-909Video   98
Pioneer DVL-919Video   cd-dvd-ld, 20 lbs98
Pioneer DVR-2000Video   dvd, recorder, cdr01
Pioneer DVR-002hVideo   dvd, recorder, 80gb hdd03
Pioneer DVR-233Video   dvd, recorder05
Pioneer DVR-7000Video   dvd, recorder, cdr, cdrw, 14 lbs01
Pioneer Elite VSX-42Receiver  
Pioneer F-26 s20Tuner   advanced quartz79
Pioneer F-28 s20Tuner   quartz79
Pioneer F-51Tuner   91
Pioneer F-70Tuner   6 lbs82
Pioneer F-77Tuner   am-fm, 5 lbs87
Pioneer F-9Tuner   quartz, synthesized81
Pioneer F-90Tuner   10 lbs82
Pioneer F-91Tuner   signal meter87
Pioneer F-93Tuner   am-fm, presets, 14 lbs91
Pioneer F-99Tuner   digital synthesized88
Pioneer HPM-100Spkr-Full   pr, 12in woof77
Pioneer M-10x EliteAmp-Solid   2ch01
Pioneer M-22Amp-Solid   30w x 277
Pioneer M-72 eliteAmp-Multi   4 ch90
Pioneer MJ-D707CD-Player   minidisc, recorder98
Pioneer PA-1000 s20Tonearm   77
Pioneer PD-204CD-Player   96
Pioneer PD-206CD-Player   98
Pioneer PD-31 eliteCD-Player   91
Pioneer PD-41 eliteCD-Player   91
Pioneer PD-59 eliteCD-Player   1 bit, remote96
Pioneer PD-65 eliteCD-Player   1 bit, 8x os, remote92
Pioneer PD-71 elite CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os89
Pioneer PD-73 eliteCD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, remote90
Pioneer PD-75 eliteCD-Player   1bit, 384x os, 28 lbs91
Pioneer PD-91 eliteCD-Player   88
Pioneer PD-93 eliteCD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, remote90
Pioneer PD-F07 eliteCD-Player   101 disc98
Pioneer PD-F19 eliteCD-Player   301 disc00
Pioneer PD-F59 eliteCD-Player   100 disc98
Pioneer PD-F79 eliteCD-Player   50 disc, 1 bit, remote97
Pioneer PD-F107 eliteCD-Player   100 disc, 1 bit, 384x os, remote95
Pioneer PD-F109 eliteCD-Player   100 disc, 1 bit, remote97
Pioneer PD-F507CD-Player   25 disc98
Pioneer PD-F908CD-Player   101 disc, 1 bit00
Pioneer PD-F958CD-Player   101 disc, 1 bit00
Pioneer PD-M51 eliteCD-Player   6 disc changer91
Pioneer PD-M59 eliteCD-Player   6 disc, 1 bit, remote96
Pioneer PD-M77 eliteCD-Player   6 disc, remote93
Pioneer PD-M95 eliteCD-Player   6 disc91
Pioneer PD-M406CD-Player   6 disc98
Pioneer PD-M900 eliteCD-Player   6 disc, 8x os, remote89
Pioneer PD-R09 eliteCD-Player   cd recorder95
Pioneer PDR-19rwCD-Player   cd recorder, remote, 25 lbs99
Pioneer PD-R99 eliteCD-Player   cd recorder, 1 bit, remote96
Pioneer PD-S95 eliteCD-Trans   remote, coax, 39 lbs92
Pioneer PL-31dTurntable   belt, 30 lbs74
Pioneer PL-530Turntable   77
Pioneer PL-540Turntable   78
Pioneer PL-550Turntable   77
Pioneer PL-560Turntable   78
Pioneer PL-570Turntable   77
Pioneer PL-610Turntable   78
Pioneer PL-630Turntable   78
Pioneer PL-88FSTurntable   direct, quartz PLL82
Pioneer PL-90Turntable   direct, rosewood87
Pioneer PL-90 eliteTurntable   direct, 33, 4587
Pioneer PLC-590 s20Turntable   78
Pioneer PL-L800Turntable   direct, 33, 4581
Pioneer QA-800aAmp-Solid   30w, quad74
Pioneer QT-6600Tape deck   reel, autorev, quad71
Pioneer QX-747Receiver   20w x 474
Pioneer QX-8000aReceiver   quad74
Pioneer QX-949Receiver   40w x 474
Pioneer RT-1010LTape deck   reel77
Pioneer RT-1011Tape deck   reel77
Pioneer RT-1011LTape deck   reel, 3 motor, 3 head74
Pioneer RT-1020LTape deck   3 motor, 3 head, reel73
Pioneer RT-1050Tape deck   reel, 3 motor, 3 head, 2 track74
Pioneer RT-11.2TTape deck   reel77
Pioneer RT-2022Tape deck   reel77
Pioneer RT-2044Tape deck   reel80
Pioneer RT-701Tape deck   reel77
Pioneer RT-707Tape deck   reel, 3 motor, 3 head, auto rev77
Pioneer RT-909Tape deck   reel, 4 head, 3 motor, 4 track, 2 ch79
Pioneer S-1EXSpkr-Full   pr, 2-7in woof, 5.5in mid, twt, 290 lbs06
Pioneer S-2EXSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, 5.5in mid, twt, 124 lbs06
Pioneer S-3EXSpkr-Full   pr, 2-6.3in woofs, 212 lbs07
Pioneer SA-7500 mkIIAmp-Solid   45w x 277
Pioneer SA-8500 mkIIAmp-Solid   60w x 277
Pioneer SA-9800Amp-Solid   int79
Pioneer SA-9900Amp-Solid   110w x 276
Pioneer SC-07 eliteReceiver   140w, 7ch, 41 lbs09
Pioneer SC-25Receiver   50 lbs09
Pioneer S-CR500Spkr-Full   sys, 3 piece, 13 lbs97
Pioneer S-CR505Spkr-Full   sys, 3 piece, 6 lbs97
Pioneer SG-9500Equalizer   77
Pioneer SP-91dSurr Proc   surr proc, remote, 13 lbs89
Pioneer SP-99dSurr Proc   96
Pioneer SP-700dSurr Proc   89
Pioneer Spec 2Amp-Solid   250w76
Pioneer SR-202wEqualizer   reverb73
Pioneer SV-201Spkr-Full   sys, 6 piece, 30 lbs97
Pioneer SV-505Spkr-Full   sys, 6 piece97
Pioneer SW-100Subwoofer   12in woof, 41 lbs97
Pioneer S-W1exSubwoofer   powered, 12in woof, 75 lbs07
Pioneer SW-200Subwoofer   powered, 2-6in woofs, 32 lbs97
Pioneer SW-50Subwoofer   10in woof, 29 lbs97
Pioneer SX-1010Receiver   110w, 55 lbs74
Pioneer SX-1050Receiver   120w, 60 lbs77
Pioneer SX-1280Receiver   185w79
Pioneer SX-1980Receiver   270w, 2ch78
Pioneer SX-205Receiver   100w97
Pioneer SX-434Amp-Solid   15w74
Pioneer SX-6Receiver   45w81
Pioneer SX-626Receiver   27w71
Pioneer SX-950Receiver   85w x 277
Pioneer SX-1250Receiver   165w, 65 lbs77
Pioneer TX-6700Tuner   78
Pioneer TX-7500 mkIITuner   77
Pioneer TX-8500Tuner   76
Pioneer TX-8500 mkIITuner   77
Pioneer TX-9100Tuner   am-fm, dual gate mosfet73
Pioneer TX-9500Tuner   76
Pioneer TX-9500 mkIITuner   77
Pioneer TX-9800Tuner   79
Pioneer TZ-9Spkr-Full   pr, 2-9.5in woofs, 290 lbs89
Pioneer VCT-700Tuner   02
Pioneer VSX-04Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-05Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-07txSurr Proc   100w, 5 ch98
Pioneer VSX-09txReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-1014Receiver   100w, 6ch04
Pioneer VSX-1014TXkReceiver   6ch, dd ex04
Pioneer VSX-1015TXReceiver   120w, 7ch05
Pioneer VSX-1019ahReceiver   90w, 7ch, 20 lbs09
Pioneer VSX-11Receiver   100w, DTS ready00
Pioneer VSX-14Receiver   100w00
Pioneer VSX-2012Receiver   7ch, dd ex04
Pioneer VSX-21Receiver   80w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-24txReceiver   90w, 5ch00
Pioneer VSX-26txSurr Proc   100w, 5ch00
Pioneer VSX-27txReceiver   120w, 5ch00
Pioneer VSX-29txReceiver   120w, 5ch00
Pioneer VSX-33txReceiver   5 ch01
Pioneer VSX-35txReceiver   90w x 5, THX, remote01
Pioneer VSX-36txReceiver   100w00
Pioneer VSX-37txSurr Proc   120w x 5, remote00
Pioneer VSX-39txReceiver   120w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-405Receiver   45w, 5 ch96
Pioneer VSX-41txReceiver   110w, 6ch02
Pioneer VSX-43txReceiver   100w, DD02
Pioneer VSX-455Receiver   90w, 5 ch96
Pioneer VSX-45txReceiver   90w, 7ch02
Pioneer VSX-466sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-47txReceiver   130w, DTS-ES02
Pioneer VSX-49txReceiver   130w x 7ch, 70lbs02
Pioneer VSX-49txiReceiver   130w x 7ch, 70lbs02
Pioneer VSX-505sReceiver   135w, 5 ch97
Pioneer VSX-52TXReceiver   110w, 7ch04
Pioneer VSX-53txReceiver   100w, 7ch04
Pioneer VSX-54TXReceiver   110w, 7ch04
Pioneer VSX-55TXiReceiver   100w, 7ch03
Pioneer VSX-56TViReceiver   140w, 7ch05
Pioneer VSX-56TXiReceiver   110w, 7ch, 45 lbs04
Pioneer VSX-59TXiSurr Proc   130w, 7ch04
Pioneer VSX-72TXvReceiver   7ch, dd05
Pioneer VSX-74TXViReceiver   140w, 7ch06
Pioneer VSX-79Receiver   95
Pioneer VSX-815Receiver   100w, 7ch, 23 lbs05
Pioneer VSX-84txsiReceiver   140w, 7ch, 55 lbs07
Pioneer VSX-90txvReceiver   45 lbs08
Pioneer VSX-92txhReceiver   130w, 7ch, 38 lbs07
Pioneer VSX-9500sReceiver   60w F, 30w R, 30w C89
Pioneer VSX-97Receiver   70w F, 45w R, 70w C95
Pioneer VSX-99Amp-Multi   95
Pioneer VSX-9700sReceiver   125w90
Pioneer VSX-C300Receiver   50w x 5, remote02
Pioneer VSX-D1015Receiver   6ch, dd ex05
Pioneer VSX-D209Receiver   60w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-D2sReceiver   70w F, 45w R, 70w C95
Pioneer VSX-D307Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D309Receiver   60w LCR, 5.1 ch00
Pioneer VSX-D3sReceiver   100w, 5 ch95
Pioneer VSX-D407Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D409Receiver   100w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-D411Receiver   100w, 5ch02
Pioneer VSX-D412Receiver   5ch, DD03
Pioneer VSX-D457Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D488Receiver   02
Pioneer VSX-D498Receiver   70w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-D503sReceiver   75w, dolby pro logic95
Pioneer VSX-D506sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D507sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D508Receiver   100w, 5 ch00
Pioneer VSX-D509sSurr Proc   100w x 5, remote01
Pioneer VSX-D510Surr Proc   100w x 5, remote01
Pioneer VSX-D511Receiver   100w, 5ch02
Pioneer VSX-D557Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D602Receiver   110w93
Pioneer VSX-D606sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D607Receiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D607sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D608Receiver   100w x 5, with remote, 25 lbs00
Pioneer VSX-D710sSurr Proc   100w x 5, remote01
Pioneer VSX-D711Receiver   100w, 5ch02
Pioneer VSX-D712Receiver   6ch, DD03
Pioneer VSX-D810sSurr Proc   110w x 6, remote01
Pioneer VSX-D811sReceiver   100w, 6ch02
Pioneer VSX-D812Receiver   6ch, DD03
Pioneer VSX-D814Receiver   100w, 6ch04
Pioneer VSX-D850sSurr Proc   110w x 6, remote01
Pioneer VSX-D901sReceiver   125w front, with remote92
Pioneer VSX-D902sReceiver   digital dolby pro logic, with remote93
Pioneer VSX-D903sReceiver   400w total95
Pioneer VSX-D906sReceiver   100w98
Pioneer VSX-D908sReceiver   100w, 5ch00
Pioneer VSX-D909sReceiver   100w, 5ch01
Pioneer VSX-D914Receiver   110w, 6ch04
Pioneer VSX-LD704sReceiver   165w95
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