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Model Description Yr
Revox A-1 CenterSpkr-Moni   3-3.5in woofs, 3way02
Revox A-1 ColumnSpkr-Full   pr, 3-3.5in woofs, 1in twtr02
Revox A-1 ShelfSpkr-Full   pr, 3.5in woof, 3way02
Revox A-50Amp-Solid   40w71
Revox A-76Tuner   71
Revox A-77Tape deck   reel73
Revox A-77 110Tape deck   reel73
Revox A-77 dolbyTape deck   reel73
Revox A-77 full trackTape deck   reel76
Revox A-77 high speedTape deck   reel76
Revox A-77 mkIIITape deck   reel73
Revox A-77 mkIVTape deck   dolby reel77
Revox A-78Amp-Solid   40w int73
Revox A-700Tape deck   reel74
Revox A-720Tuner   with preamp86
Revox A-722Amp-Solid   30w74
Revox A-724Amp-Solid   40w int74
Revox A-740Amp-Solid   175w79
Revox AC CordTweaks  
Revox AgoraSpkr-Full   pair88
Revox Agora mkIISpkr-Full   pair89
Revox Aktiv BassSubwoofer   2-7in woofs01
Revox Aktiv Bass mkIISubwoofer   02
Revox Atrium mkIISpkr-Full   each87
Revox Atrium mkIVSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox B-21Tape deck   98
Revox B-22CD-Player   98
Revox B-22 mkIICD-Player   98
Revox B-25 mkIIAmp-Solid   150w98
Revox B-26 Tuner   86
Revox B-26eTuner   98
Revox B-36Tape deck   reel57
Revox B-77Tape deck   reel77
Revox B-77 dolbyTape deck   reel78
Revox B-77 half trackTape deck   reel86
Revox B-77 high speedTape deck   high speed86
Revox B-77 quarter trackTape deck   reel86
Revox B-77 super slowTape deck   reel86
Revox B-126CD-Player   88
Revox B-150Amp-Solid   80w int88
Revox B-160Tuner   88
Revox B-203Pre-Solid   timer controller88
Revox B-209 Pre-Solid   solid state preamp91
Revox B-215dTape deck   with dolby, remote85
Revox B-215sTape deck   89
Revox B-225CD-Player   84
Revox B-226CD-Player   87
Revox B-226sCD-Player   88
Revox B-23Video   dvd, 10 bit, sigma delta00
Revox B-240sPre-Solid   90
Revox B-242Amp-Solid   200w86
Revox B-242sAmp-Solid   200w89
Revox B-250Amp-Solid   60w89
Revox B-250sAmp-Solid   int amp89
Revox B-251Pre-Solid   140w x 2, with mc, 19 lbs82
Revox B-252Pre-Solid   82
Revox B-260Tuner   88
Revox B-260sTuner   fm stereo, quartz locked, 15 lbs88
Revox B-261Tuner   19 lbs82
Revox B-27Video   dvd-cd99
Revox B-285Receiver   220w85
Revox B-286 Tuner   pre-tuner, am-fm85
Revox B-291Turntable   direct, 33, 4586
Revox B-291sTurntable   direct, 33, 4592
Revox B-525Amp-Solid   86
Revox B-710Tape deck   81
Revox B-710 mkIITape deck   82
Revox B-739Pre-Solid   with tuner, 29 lbs81
Revox B-740Amp-Solid   100w x 2, 44 lbs80
Revox B-750Amp-Solid   75w int80
Revox B-750 mkIIAmp-Solid   75w int78
Revox B-760Tuner   78
Revox B-780Receiver   70w80
Revox B-790Turntable   76
Revox B-791Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Revox B-795Turntable   direct, 33, 4585
Revox BR-530Spkr-Moni   pair78
Revox BX-350Spkr-Full   pair, system walnut76
Revox BX-4100Spkr-Full   pair76
Revox C-270Tape deck   reel, 1/4, rackmounts90
Revox C-274Tape deck   reel, 1/4 with rackmounts89
Revox C-278Tape deck   reel, 1/2 with rackmounts89
Revox Column mkIISpkr-Full   2-3in woofs, 1in twtr01
Revox DLC-1CD-DAC   98
Revox DuettoSpkr-Full   pair89
Revox E-542Video   42in, plasma01
Revox E-642Video   42in, plasma01
Revox E-1032Video   plasma, 852x1024, 50 lbs04
Revox E-1042Video   plasma, 1024x1024, 75 lbs03
Revox E-1050Video   plasma, 50in, line doubler03
Revox E-240Amp-Solid   175w int98
Revox E-246 mkIICD-Player   bal out01
Revox E-426CD-Player   Exception series98
Revox E-426 mkIICD-Player   1 bit01
Revox E-450Amp-Solid   250w98
Revox E-450 mkIIAmp-Solid   120w, 2ch, class AB01
Revox E-460Tuner   Exception series98
Revox E-460 mkIITuner   remote, presets01
Revox E-615Video   15in, flat, line doubler03
Revox E-650Video   plasma, 50in01
Revox E-732Video   plasma, 32in, line doubler03
Revox EleganceSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox Elegance activeSubwoofer   subwoofer pair98
Revox Elegance CCSpkr-Moni   each, center channel98
Revox Elegance ColumnSpkr-Plan   pr, 2-3in woofs, 1in twtr97
Revox Elegance MonitorSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox Elegance PrestigeSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox Elegance ShelfSpkr-Moni   pr, 2-3in woofs, 1in twtr97
Revox Elegance SubSubwoofer   pair98
Revox Emetric 160Spkr-Full   pair98
Revox Emetric 220Spkr-Full   pair98
Revox Emetric ShelfSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox EmporiumSpkr-Full   pair90
Revox Emporium B mkIVSpkr-Full   pr97
Revox EvolutionTape deck   3 motor, dual capstan cass98
Revox ForumSpkr-Full   pair82
Revox Forum B mkIVSpkr-Full   pr97
Revox Forum mkIISpkr-Full   pair87
Revox Forum mkIVSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox G-36Tape deck   reel66
Revox G-36 mkIITape deck   reel66
Revox G-36 mkIIITape deck   reel66
Revox H-2CD-Player   91
Revox H-5Amp-Solid   100w int91
Revox H-6Tuner   91
Revox H-9Turntable   direct92
Revox H-11Tape deck   91
Revox H-209Pre-Solid   91
Revox Looking Glass 42Video   plasma, 42in, flat99
Revox M-219Amp-Solid   room amp04
Revox M-51Video   dvd, DD, DTS, 75 lbs03
Revox Magic Aktiv BassSubwoofer   02
Revox Magic KubeSpkr-Full   ht sys01
Revox Mr BassSubwoofer   2-7in woofs01
Revox N-51Receiver   125w, 5ch01
Revox Piccolo FullSpkr-Full   pair85
Revox Piccolo KubeSpkr-Moni   4in mid, .75in twtr01
Revox Piccolo MonitorSpkr-Full   pair86
Revox Piccolo SatSpkr-Moni   pair90
Revox Piccolo SubSubwoofer   each89
Revox PlenumSpkr-Full   pair82
Revox Plenum mkIISpkr-Full   pair87
Revox PowercubeSubwoofer   ea, 150w active sub88
Revox PR-99Tape deck   85
Revox Prestige DigSpkr-Full   8-6.1in woofs01
Revox Prestige mkIISpkr-Full   4-5.1in woofs01
Revox S-20Surr Proc   proc98
Revox S-20 AVPAmp-Solid   3 ch, int00
Revox S-20 x3Surr Proc   3 channel amp98
Revox S-22 CD-Player   98
Revox S-25 Amp-Solid   60w int98
Revox S-26Tuner   dual mono98
Revox S-27Video   dvd, mp300
Revox ScalaSpkr-Full   pair98
Revox Scala 3.6Spkr-Full   4-6.1in woofs01
Revox Scala BrilliantSpkr-Full   4-5.1in woofs01
Revox Scala CenterSpkr-Moni   ctr, 6in woof, 3way02
Revox Scala DiamondSpkr-Full   2-5.1in woofs01
Revox ShelfSpkr-Moni   2-3in woofs, 1in twtr01
Revox StollePre-Solid   antenna rotator80
Revox Studio 3Spkr-Moni   pair84
Revox Studio 4Spkr-Moni   ea, acoustic suspension84
Revox SymbolSpkr-Full   pair81
Revox Symbol mkIISpkr-Full   ea, passive radiator87
Revox System 5Receiver   audio system without spkrs98
Revox TritonSpkr-Full   sys, sat-sub80
Revox UnisubSubwoofer   98
Revox V-219Amp-Solid   active subcontroller98
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