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Model Description Yr
Rotel B-750Amp-Solid   60w int76
Rotel BX-350Spkr-Moni   pair76
Rotel BX-4100Spkr-Moni   pair76
Rotel R-555Receiver   20w76
Rotel RA-01Amp-Solid   40w, int, class AB03
Rotel RA-02Amp-Solid   40w, int, phono02
Rotel RA-04   40w07
Rotel RA-1062Amp-Solid   60w, int, class AB04
Rotel RA-1520Amp-Solid   60w, int, 17 lbs09
Rotel RA-311Amp-Solid   20w int74
Rotel RA-560Amp-Solid   40w int81
Rotel RA-700Amp-Solid   40w int81
Rotel RA-820Amp-Solid   25w int86
Rotel RA-820bxAmp-Solid   25w int85
Rotel RA-840bAmp-Solid   40w, int, 25 lbs03
Rotel RA-870Amp-Solid   60w int84
Rotel RA-870bxAmp-Solid   100w int87
Rotel RA-913Amp-Solid   60w int76
Rotel RA-921   98
Rotel RA-930axAmp-Solid   30w int93
Rotel RA-931Amp-Solid   35w, int, phono98
Rotel RA-932Amp-Solid   35w x 2, with mm, int00
Rotel RA-935bxAmp-Solid   40w, int, 14 lbs93
Rotel RA-960bxAmp-Solid   60w int92
Rotel RA-970bxAmp-Solid   60w int, 6 inputs, 15 lbs94
Rotel RA-971Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int, 15 lbs97
Rotel RA-972Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int, 14 lbs01
Rotel RA-980bxAmp-Solid   100w int92
Rotel RA-985bxAmp-Solid   100w int95
Rotel RA-1010Amp-Solid   60w int81
Rotel RA-1060Amp-Solid   60w x 2, int, 17 lbs01
Rotel RA-1070Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int, with remote, 20 lbs01
Rotel RA-1312Amp-Solid   80w int76
Rotel RA-1412Amp-Solid   110w int76
Rotel RA-2020Amp-Solid   60w int76
Rotel RA-2030Amp-Solid   110w int76
Rotel RA-2040Amp-Solid   120w int76
Rotel RB-03Amp-Solid   70w05
Rotel RB-1072Amp-Solid   2ch08
Rotel RB-1091Amp-Solid   500w, mono pr05
Rotel RB-1092Amp-Solid   500w, 2ch, unbal in05
Rotel RB-1510Amp-Solid   65w, 10 lbs08
Rotel RB-1550Amp-Solid   120w, class D09
Rotel RB-1552Amp-Solid   130w, 27 lbs08
Rotel RB-1562Amp-Solid   100w, 12 lbs08
Rotel RB-1572Amp-Solid   200w, 17 lbs08
Rotel RB-1582Amp-Solid   200w, 38 lbs09
Rotel RB-850Amp-Solid   50w, bridgeable to 100w87
Rotel RB-870Amp-Solid   60w, 2 power transformers84
Rotel RB-870bxAmp-Solid   100w, bridgeable to 300w87
Rotel RB-880Amp-Solid   100w84
Rotel RB-890Amp-Solid   160w87
Rotel RB-930axAmp-Solid   30w93
Rotel RB-951Amp-Solid   50w, class AB97
Rotel RB-951 mkIIAmp-Solid   50w x 2, bridgeable, 15 lbs01
Rotel RB-956axAmp-Multi   40w, 6 channel94
Rotel RB-960bxAmp-Solid   60w, dual mono, 21 lbs92
Rotel RB-970bxAmp-Solid   60w95
Rotel RB-970bx mk IIAmp-Solid   60w95
Rotel RB-971Amp-Solid   60w97
Rotel RB-976Amp-Multi   60w x 6, 26 lbs97
Rotel RB-980bxAmp-Solid   120w x 2, 24 lbs92
Rotel RB-981Amp-Solid   130w97
Rotel RB-985Amp-Multi   100w, thx, 5 channel95
Rotel RB-985 mkIIAmp-Multi   100w x5, 40 lbs 98
Rotel RB-990bxAmp-Solid   200w, 36 lbs92
Rotel RB-991Amp-Multi   200w x 3, 37 lbs97
Rotel RB-993Amp-Multi   200w, 3ch98
Rotel RB-1000Amp-Solid   60w, macro76
Rotel RB-1010Amp-Solid   100w81
Rotel RB-1050Amp-Solid   70w x 2, 18 lbs01
Rotel RB-1070Amp-Solid   130w x 2, bridgeable, 23 lbs01
Rotel RB-1080Amp-Solid   200w x 2, 37 lbs01
Rotel RB-1090Amp-Solid   380w x 2, 84 lbs99
Rotel RB-1090 mkIIAmp-Solid   380w, dual mono01
Rotel RB-1095Amp-Multi   200w x 5, bal in00
Rotel RB-2000Amp-Solid   120w76
Rotel RB-5000Amp-Solid   500w76
Rotel RC-03Pre-Solid   03
Rotel RC-1082Pre-Solid   7 inputs, 1 phono, 17 lbs06
Rotel RC-1550Pre-Solid   6 inputs, mm, 14 lbs09
Rotel RC-1580Pre-Solid   tone controls, 8 ins, mm-mc, 17 lbs09
Rotel RC-2000Pre-Solid   with eq76
Rotel RC-850Pre-Solid   4 line, mm-mc, 9 lbs87
Rotel RC-870Pre-Solid   with mm-mc84
Rotel RC-870bxPre-Solid   regulated power supply87
Rotel RC-960bxPre-Solid   with mm-mc, 6 inputs92
Rotel RC-970bxPre-Solid   line level, 5 inputs94
Rotel RC-970bx mkIIPre-Solid   linestage96
Rotel RC-971Pre-Solid   5 inputs, dual outputs98
Rotel RC-972Pre-Solid   5 inputs, remote98
Rotel RC-980bxPre-Solid   mm-mc, dual volume, 20 lbs92
Rotel RC-990bxPre-Solid   with mm-mc, 6 inputs, remote93
Rotel RC-995Pre-Solid   8 inputs, phono, remote97
Rotel RC-1010Pre-Solid   straight line81
Rotel RC-1070Pre-Solid   with mm-mc, 12 lbs01
Rotel RC-1090Pre-Solid   with mm-mc, remote, 17 lbs01
Rotel RC-5000Pre-Solid   with eq76
Rotel RCC-1055CD-Player   5 disc, hdcd, dig out02
Rotel RCC-935CD-Player   5 disc, dig out, 12 lbs97
Rotel RCC-940axCD-Player   with remote, 5 disc, 15 lbs93
Rotel RCC-945CD-Player   6-disc, dig out, 13 lbs96
Rotel RCC-955CD-Player   5-disc, 20-bit, dig out, 13 lbs00
Rotel RCD-02CD-Player   18 bit, hdcd02
Rotel RCD-1072CD-Player   coax, 13 lbs04
Rotel RCD-1520CD-Player   wolfson dacs, 14 lbs09
Rotel RCD-820bxCD-Player   16 bit, 4x os, remote87
Rotel RCD-850CD-Player   85
Rotel RCD-855CD-Player   16 bit, 4x os, remote, 16 lbs89
Rotel RCD-865bxCD-Player   remote90
Rotel RCD-930axCD-Player   1 bit, remote, 9 lbs95
Rotel RCD-940bxCD-Player   remote94
Rotel RCD-945axCD-Player   93
Rotel RCD-950CD-Player   dig out, 11 lbs96
Rotel RCD-951CD-Player   20 bit, dig out, 11 lbs97
Rotel RCD-955axCD-Player   16 bit, 4x os, remote92
Rotel RCD-961CD-Player   hdcd, dig, coax out01
Rotel RCD-965bxCD-Player   1 bit, remote92
Rotel RCD-970bxCD-Player   dig out, 11 lbs95
Rotel RCD-971CD-Player   20 bit, hdcd, bal outputs, 17 lbs98
Rotel RCD-975CD-Player   dig out, 12 lbs95
Rotel RCD-990CD-Player   dig out, 17 lbs96
Rotel RCD-991 CD-Player   dig out, bal outputs, 17 lbs98
Rotel RCD-1070CD-Player   20 bit, hdcd01
Rotel RD-400Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-500Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-550Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-560Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-700Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-820Tape deck   dolby b-c82
Rotel RD-835Tape deck   dolby b88
Rotel RD-840Tape deck   dolby b-c, metal82
Rotel RD-845Tape deck   dolby b-c89
Rotel RD-850Tape deck   2 head, dolby b-c, metal84
Rotel RD-855Tape deck   2 head, dolby b-c88
Rotel RD-860Tape deck   dolby b-c, metal82
Rotel RD-865Tape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c, hx pro89
Rotel RD-870Tape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c, hx pro86
Rotel RD-955axTape deck   2 motor, hx pro92
Rotel RD-960bxTape deck   dolby b-c, hx pro93
Rotel RD-965bxTape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c, hx pro92
Rotel RD-1001Tape deck   81
Rotel RD-1010Tape deck   dolby b, metal81
Rotel RDA-975Surr Proc   processor98
Rotel RDA-980Surr Proc   ac3 decoder97
Rotel RDA-980 ac3Surr Proc   97
Rotel RDA-980 thxSurr Proc   thx processor97
Rotel RDA-985 dtsSurr Proc   dts decoder97
Rotel RDA-986Surr Proc   dts decoder98
Rotel RDD-980CD-Trans   dig out, 11 lbs95
Rotel RDP-980CD-DAC   remote, rca, optical, 14 lbs95
Rotel RDV-1050Video   dvd, prog scan04
Rotel RDV-1045Video   cd, dvd, 20 lbs08
Rotel RDV-1060Video   dvd, prog scan02
Rotel RDV-1092Video   dvd, 1080p, 15 lbs07
Rotel RDV-1093Video   dvd, scaler, hdmi07
Rotel RDV-985Video   cd-dvd, DD, DTS00
Rotel RDV-995Video   cd-dvd, 10 lbs01
Rotel RDV-1080Video   cd-dvd, 10 lbs01
Rotel RE-500Equalizer   80
Rotel RE-840Equalizer   82
Rotel RE-860Equalizer   82
Rotel RE-1010Equalizer   10 band80
Rotel RHA-10Pre-Solid   linestage93
Rotel RHB-10Amp-Solid   200w93
Rotel RHC-10Pre-Solid   linestage, passive93
Rotel RHDV-20Video   dvd, DD01
Rotel RHQ-10 Equalizer   eq, with phono93
Rotel RHT-10Tuner   am-fm, 12 lbs93
Rotel RKB-2100Amp-Solid   100w, 2ch05
Rotel RKB-250Amp-Solid   50w, 2ch05
Rotel RKB-650Amp-Multi   50w, 6ch05
Rotel RL-400Spkr-Moni   pair82
Rotel RL-615Spkr-Moni   pair82
Rotel RL-815Spkr-Moni   pair82
Rotel RLC-1080   900w, 12 outlets, 57 lbs06
Rotel RLC-900Surr Proc   line conditioner96
Rotel RMA-90Amp-Solid   30w int81
Rotel RMB-100Amp-Solid   125w, mono, mosfet95
Rotel RMB-1048Amp-Multi   40w, 8ch02
Rotel RMB-1066Amp-Multi   60w, 6ch, class A-B01
Rotel RMB-1075Amp-Multi   120w x 5, 43 lbs01
Rotel RMB-1076Amp-Multi   100w, 6ch, 25 lbs07
Rotel RMB-1077Amp-Multi   100w, 7ch, unbal in05
Rotel RMB-1085Amp-Multi   100w08
Rotel RMB-1095Amp-Multi   200w x 5, 75 lbs00
Rotel RMB-1095 mkIIAmp-Multi   200w, 5ch01
Rotel RMB-1565Amp-Multi   100w, 5ch, class D, 18 lbs07
Rotel RMD-70Tape deck   metal81
Rotel RMD-82Tape deck   metal81
Rotel RMD-90Tape deck   metal81
Rotel RML-70Spkr-Moni   pair81
Rotel RML-82Spkr-Moni   pair81
Rotel RML-90Spkr-Moni   pair81
Rotel RMS-1000Spkr-Moni   pair81
Rotel RMT-90Tuner   81
Rotel RMX-70Receiver   20w81
Rotel RMX-82Receiver   25w81
Rotel RMZ-955Amp-Solid   25w x 8, multiroom, 25 lbs98
Rotel RN-560Surr Proc   noise reduction82
Rotel RP-400Turntable   with cartridge81
Rotel RP-500Turntable   81
Rotel RP-550Turntable   81
Rotel RP-560Turntable   81
Rotel RP-700Turntable   81
Rotel RP-820Turntable   82
Rotel RP-830Turntable   belt, 33, 45, with cart84
Rotel RP-850Turntable   belt, 33, 4584
Rotel RP-855Turntable   manual, with cartridge90
Rotel RP-860Turntable   automatic82
Rotel RP-900Turntable   belt, 33, 45, 7893
Rotel RP-955Turntable   belt, 33, 4598
Rotel RP-1001Turntable   81
Rotel RP-1010Turntable   81
Rotel RP-6400Turntable  
Rotel RPM-10Receiver   portable compact system82
Rotel RQ-970Equalizer   ext phono eq, mm-mc, 7 lbs01
Rotel RQ-970bxPre-Solid   phono, 7 lbs94
Rotel RR-700Equalizer   infrared remote82
Rotel RSDX-02Receiver   80w, 5ch03
Rotel RSM-901Equalizer   4 char ir receiver98
Rotel RSP-1068Surr Proc   pre-proc, 7.1, 34 lbs04
Rotel RSP-1069Surr Proc   remote, 25 lbs08
Rotel RSP-1098Surr Proc   pre-proc, 39 lbs03
Rotel RSP-1570Surr Proc   4 hdmi inputs09
Rotel RSP-960axSurr Proc   pre, proc, 15 lbs93
Rotel RSP-970Surr Proc   dolby pro logic98
Rotel RSP-975Surr Proc   5 ch00
Rotel RSP-976Surr Proc   pre-proc, with remote, 18 lbs01
Rotel RSP-980Surr Proc   thx processor96
Rotel RSP-985Surr Proc   DD, DTS, 25 lbs00
Rotel RSP-1066Surr Proc   DD, DTS02
Rotel RSS-900Equalizer   speaker selector96
Rotel RSX-1056Receiver   75w, 5ch, dd04
Rotel RSX-1057Receiver   dd, 55 lbs06
Rotel RSX-1067Surr Proc   100w, 7ch, dd04
Rotel RSX-1550Receiver   75w, 5ch, 38 lbs09
Rotel RSX-965Surr Proc   75w x 5, with remote, 50 lbs98
Rotel RSX-972Receiver   75w x 5, with remote, 33 lbs01
Rotel RSX-1055Receiver   DD, DTS, 45 lbs02
Rotel RSX-1065Receiver   100w x 5, with remote, 49 lbs01
Rotel RT-02Tuner   remote, presets02
Rotel RT-1024Tuner   am-fm, 30 lbs76
Rotel RT-2000Tuner   76
Rotel RT-2100Tuner   76
Rotel RT-560Tuner   81
Rotel RT-700Tuner   81
Rotel RT-820Tuner   84
Rotel RT-830Tuner   am-fm85
Rotel RT-830aTuner   am-fm, presets89
Rotel RT-850Tuner   85
Rotel RT-850aTuner   16 presets90
Rotel RT-860Tuner   84
Rotel RT-870Tuner   digital, 16 presets89
Rotel RT-935axTuner   am-fm, presets96
Rotel RT-940axTuner   am-fm, presets, remote95
Rotel RT-950bxTuner   92
Rotel RT-955Tuner   am-fm, remote00
Rotel RT-961Tuner   remote, presets02
Rotel RT-970bxTuner   16 presets92
Rotel RT-990bxTuner   fm only, remote, 11 lbs93
Rotel RT-1000Tuner  
Rotel RT-1010Tuner   81
Rotel RT-1080Tuner   am-fm, remote, 11 lbs01
Rotel RTC-850Pre-Solid   with remote88
Rotel RTC-940axPre-Solid   4 inputs, processor loop95
Rotel RTC-950axTuner   with preamp92
Rotel RTC-965Pre-Solid   6 ch, dd00
Rotel RTC-970Pre-Solid   tuner, dolby pro, 30 lbs96
Rotel RX-1052Receiver   05
Rotel RX-200Receiver   10w76
Rotel RX-203Receiver   20w76
Rotel RX-254Receiver   12w quad76
Rotel RX-400Receiver   20w82
Rotel RX-402Receiver   30w74
Rotel RX-403Receiver   25w76
Rotel RX-404Receiver   30w76
Rotel RX-454Receiver   20w quad74
Rotel RX-503Receiver   35w76
Rotel RX-504Receiver   40w76
Rotel RX-550Receiver   40w69
Rotel RX-600Receiver   42w71
Rotel RX-603Receiver   50w76
Rotel RX-604Receiver   50w76
Rotel RX-700Receiver   35w81
Rotel RX-800Receiver   40w73
Rotel RX-802Receiver   40w76
Rotel RX-803Receiver   75w82
Rotel RX-820Receiver   20w82
Rotel RX-830Receiver   20w84
Rotel RX-840Receiver   40w82
Rotel RX-845Receiver   30w89
Rotel RX-850Receiver   30w84
Rotel RX-855Receiver   50w86
Rotel RX-875Receiver   70w87
Rotel RX-880Receiver   80w82
Rotel RX-940axReceiver   40w92
Rotel RX-950axReceiver   50w, with remote92
Rotel RX-975Receiver   100w x 2, with remote, 17 lbs00
Rotel RX-1000Receiver   35w76
Rotel RX-1010Receiver   60w81
Rotel RX-1050Receiver   stereo, remote01
Rotel RX-1203Receiver   120w76
Rotel RX-1603Receiver   180w76
Rotel RX-2001Receiver   75w76
Rotel RX-2002Receiver   90w75
Rotel RX-7707Receiver   35w76
Rotel RY-1010Surr Proc   spectrum analyzer82
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