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Model Description Yr
Sumo AndromedaAmp-Solid   200w x 2, 35 lbs81
Sumo Andromeda mkIIAmp-Solid   200w, 55 lbs89
Sumo Andromeda mkIIIAmp-Solid   240w x 2, 40 lbs93
Sumo AriaSpkr-Full   pair89
Sumo ArtemisPre-Solid   95
Sumo AthenaPre-Solid   with phono, 8 lbs87
Sumo Athena mkIIPre-Solid   with phono90
Sumo AuroraTuner   10 lbs87
Sumo AxiomCD-Trans   384x os, remote, 16 lbs93
Sumo CharlieTuner   fm digital81
Sumo DelilahEqualizer   subwoofer crossover88
Sumo Delilah mkIIEqualizer   subwoofer crossover91
Sumo DianaPre-Solid   bal out92
Sumo ElektraPre-Solid   with mc, 12 lbs81
Sumo FiveAmp-Solid   60w x 2, class A93
Sumo GoldAmp-Solid   125w x 279
Sumo Half PowerAmp-Solid   200w79
Sumo NineAmp-Solid   60w x 2, 35 lbs80
Sumo Nine plusAmp-Solid   60w x 2, 35 lbs82
Sumo Opus 1Spkr-Full   pair85
Sumo Opus 2Spkr-Full   pair87
Sumo Opus 3Spkr-Full   pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr87
Sumo PolarisAmp-Solid   100w x 2, 25 lbs82
Sumo Polaris mkIIAmp-Solid   120w, 32 lbs90
Sumo Polaris mkIIIAmp-Solid   120w x 293
Sumo PowerAmp-Solid   400w79
Sumo SamsonSubwoofer   15in woof, 150 lbs87
Sumo Samson mkIISubwoofer   2-10in woofs92
Sumo TenAmp-Solid   100w, class A91
Sumo TheoremCD-DAC   1 bit, hybrid, 10 lbs92
Sumo Theorem mkIICD-DAC   18 bit, 8x os, 20 lbs95
Sumo UlyssesAmp-Solid   60w, mosfet89
Sumo Ulysses mkIIAmp-Solid   60w93
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