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Model Description Yr
Yamaha A-29Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int88
Yamaha A-30Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int86
Yamaha A-31Amp-Solid   115w x 2, int88
Yamaha A-400Amp-Solid   40w x 2, int84
Yamaha A-420Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int86
Yamaha A-460Amp-Solid   35w x 2, int81
Yamaha A-500Amp-Solid   70w x 2, int84
Yamaha A-560Amp-Solid   55w x 2, int81
Yamaha A-700Amp-Solid   100w x 2, with mc, 25 lbs82
Yamaha A-720Amp-Solid   105w x 2, int86
Yamaha A-760 mkIIAmp-Solid   80w x 2, int82
Yamaha A-960 mkIIAmp-Solid   105w x 2, int82
Yamaha A-1000Amp-Solid   120w x 2, with mc, 29 lbs82
Yamaha A-1020Amp-Solid   125w x 2, int86
Yamaha A-1060Amp-Solid   140w x 2, int81
Yamaha APD-1Surr Proc   rf demodulator97
Yamaha APD-1cSurr Proc   rf demodulator98
Yamaha A-S1000Amp-Solid   90w, int, 49 lbs08
Yamaha A-S2000Amp-Solid   90w, int, 50 lbs08
Yamaha A-S700Amp-Solid   90w, int, 22 lbs08
Yamaha AST-A90mAmp-Solid   45w x 289
Yamaha AV-1Receiver   av sys86
Yamaha AV-8Receiver   av sys89
Yamaha AV-33Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int88
Yamaha AV-35Amp-Solid   115w x 2, int88
Yamaha AVC-50Receiver   45w x 286
Yamaha AV-S7Spkr-Moni   98
Yamaha AVS-90mReceiver   45w x 289
Yamaha AVS-700Receiver   90
Yamaha AVX-100tiReceiver   65w x 289
Yamaha AVX-100uReceiver   65w x 2, with remote88
Yamaha AVX-500Receiver   80w x 290
Yamaha AVX-700Receiver   65w x 290
Yamaha AX-400UAmp-Solid   55w x 2, int87
Yamaha AX-430Amp-Solid   55w x 2, int89
Yamaha AX-470Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int93
Yamaha AX-490Amp-Solid   85w x 2, int96
Yamaha AX-497Amp-Solid   85w, int, 20 lbs08
Yamaha AX-500uAmp-Solid   85w x 2, int87
Yamaha AX-540Amp-Solid   85w x 2, int91
Yamaha AX-570Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int93
Yamaha AX-592Amp-Solid   100w x 2, int98
Yamaha AX-596Amp-Solid   100w x 201
Yamaha AX-630Amp-Solid   85w x 2, int89
Yamaha AX-700uAmp-Solid   110w x 2, int87
Yamaha AX-730Amp-Solid   110w x 2, int91
Yamaha AX-900uAmp-Solid   130w x 2, int87
Yamaha AX-930Amp-Solid   130w x 2, int91
Yamaha B-1Amp-Solid   180w76
Yamaha B-2Amp-Solid   100w x 277
Yamaha B-2xAmp-Solid   170w x 285
Yamaha B-6Amp-Solid   200w x 281
Yamaha BX-1Amp-Solid   100w, mono pr81
Yamaha C-1Pre-Solid   pre-eq76
Yamaha C-2Pre-Solid   77
Yamaha C-2aPre-Solid   79
Yamaha C-4Pre-Solid   79
Yamaha C-6Pre-Solid   79
Yamaha C-40Pre-Solid   84
Yamaha C-45bPre-Solid   86
Yamaha C-50Pre-Solid   with mc, 15 lbs82
Yamaha C-60Pre-Solid   84
Yamaha C-65bPre-Solid   variable loudness86
Yamaha C-70Pre-Solid   16 lbs82
Yamaha C-80Pre-Solid   84
Yamaha C-85bPre-Solid   with 2 band eq86
Yamaha CA-410 mkIIAmp-Solid   35w x 2, int78
Yamaha CA-500Amp-Solid   22w x 2, int71
Yamaha CA-600Amp-Solid   35w x 2, int74
Yamaha CA-610 mkIIAmp-Solid   45wx 2, int78
Yamaha CA-700Amp-Solid   40w x 2, int73
Yamaha CA-800Amp-Solid   50w x 2, int74
Yamaha CA-810Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int77
Yamaha CA-1000Amp-Solid   75w x 2, int74
Yamaha CA-1010Amp-Solid   90w x 2, int77
Yamaha CA-2010Amp-Solid   120w x 2, int77
Yamaha CA-V2Amp-Solid   40w, 2ch, int79
Yamaha CC-90Receiver   70w x 293
Yamaha CD-1CD-Player   14 bit, 30 lbs81
Yamaha CD-2CD-Player   2x os, remote84
Yamaha CD-3CD-Player   with remote85
Yamaha CD-29CD-Player   88
Yamaha CD-37CD-Player   85
Yamaha CD-45CD-Player   86
Yamaha CD-56CD-Player   with remote86
Yamaha CD-90mCD-Player   8x os, remote89
Yamaha CD-400CD-Player   86
Yamaha CD-500CD-Player   with remote86
Yamaha CD-1050CD-Player   8x os, remote91
Yamaha CD-2000mCD-Player   with remote85
Yamaha CDC-80CD-Player   5 disc91
Yamaha CDC-90CD-Player   5 disc92
Yamaha CDC-500CD-Player   4x os, remote89
Yamaha CDC-502CD-Player   5 disc98
Yamaha CDC-505CD-Player   5 disc, optical output00
Yamaha CDC-555CD-Player   5 disc, remote95
Yamaha CDC-565CD-Player   5 disc, 13 lbs97
Yamaha CDC-575CD-Player   5 disc, dig out, 13 lbs99
Yamaha CDC-605CD-Player   5 disc90
Yamaha CDC-610CD-Player   10 disc, remote88
Yamaha CDC-615CD-Player   5 disc, 18 bit, remote91
Yamaha CDC-625CD-Player   5 disc, 8x os, remote92
Yamaha CDC-635CD-Player   5 disc93
Yamaha CDC-645CD-Player   93
Yamaha CDC-655CD-Player   with remote95
Yamaha CDC-665CD-Player   5 disc, dig out, s-bit dac, 13 lbs97
Yamaha CDC-675CD-Player   5 disc, dig out, 13 lbs99
Yamaha CDC-705CD-Player   with remote90
Yamaha CDC-715CD-Player   with remote91
Yamaha CDC-735CD-Player   5 disc, s-bit dac92
Yamaha CDC-745CD-Player   93
Yamaha CDC-755CD-Player   5 disc, s-bit dac95
Yamaha CDC-765CD-Player   5 disc, 13 lbs97
Yamaha CDC-775CD-Player   5 disc, dig out, 17 lbs99
Yamaha CDC-805CD-Player   5 disc, s-bit dac90
Yamaha CDC-815CD-Player   5 disc, remote91
Yamaha CDC-835CD-Player   5 disc, s-bit dac92
Yamaha CDC-845CD-Player   5 disc, 1 bit, remote93
Yamaha CDC-902CD-Player   5 disc, dig out98
Yamaha CDC-905CD-Player   5 disc, dig out00
Yamaha CDM-900CD-Player   110 disc, 13 lbs98
Yamaha CDR-D651CD-Player   recorder, dual tray01
Yamaha CDR-HD1000CD-Player   20 gb hdd01
Yamaha CDR-S1000CD-Player   24 bit, 4x speed, dig in-out00
Yamaha CD-S1000CD-Player   cd, sacd, 33 lbs06
Yamaha CD-S2000CD-Player   cd, sacd, 33 lbs06
Yamaha CDV-701CD-Player   cd-ld, 16 lbs97
Yamaha CDV-870CD-Player   cd, ld93
Yamaha CDV-1000CD-Player   cd, ld89
Yamaha CDV-1100CD-Player   cd, ld89
Yamaha CDV-1200kCD-Player   cd, ld92
Yamaha CDV-1600CD-Player   cd, ld89
Yamaha CDV-1700CD-Player   cd, ld90
Yamaha CDV-300kCD-Player   cd, ld95
Yamaha CDV-S100CD-Player   cd, ld88
Yamaha CDV-W901Video   auto rev, dig out, 15 lbs97
Yamaha CDX-1CD-Player   84
Yamaha CDX-2CD-Player   85
Yamaha CDX-3CD-Player   86
Yamaha CDX-5uCD-Player   87
Yamaha CDX-305uCD-Player   with remote87
Yamaha CDX-390CD-Player   s-bit dac, 8 lbs97
Yamaha CDX-393CD-Player   8 lbs98
Yamaha CDX-450CD-Player   with remote91
Yamaha CDX-470CD-Player   s-bit dac93
Yamaha CDX-480CD-Player   8x os, s-bit dac, remote95
Yamaha CDX-490CD-Player   dual, 1 bit, 8x os97
Yamaha CDX-500uCD-Player   with remote87
Yamaha CDX-510uCD-Player   18 bit, 4x os, remote88
Yamaha CDX-530CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, remote90
Yamaha CDX-550CD-Player   with remote91
Yamaha CDX-560CD-Player   8x os, remote92
Yamaha CDX-660CD-Player   8x os, dig out, remote92
Yamaha CDX-700uCD-Player   87
Yamaha CDX-710uCD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, remote89
Yamaha CDX-720CD-Player   with remote89
Yamaha CDX-730CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, remote90
Yamaha CDX-750CD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, remote91
Yamaha CDX-810uCD-Player   with remote88
Yamaha CDX-820CD-Player   with remote89
Yamaha CDX-860CD-Player   8x os, remote92
Yamaha CDX-910uCD-Player   with remote88
Yamaha CDX-920CD-Player   18 bit, 8x os, remote89
Yamaha CDX-930CD-Player   s-bit dac90
Yamaha CDX-1030CD-Player   s-bit dac90
Yamaha CDX-1050CD-Player   S bit plus, 8x os, remote91
Yamaha CDX-1060CD-Player   8x os, s-bit dac92
Yamaha CDX-1100uCD-Player   with remote87
Yamaha CDX-1110uCD-Player   with remote88
Yamaha CDX-1120CD-Player   18 bit, remote89
Yamaha CDX-2000CD-Player   with remote88
Yamaha CDX-2020CD-Player   20 bit, 8x os, 40 lbs89
Yamaha CDX-5000CD-Player   with remote87
Yamaha ClassicReceiver   component system98
Yamaha CR-220Receiver   15w x 278
Yamaha CR-420Receiver   20w x 277
Yamaha CR-600Receiver   30w x 273
Yamaha CR-620Receiver   35w x 277
Yamaha CR-640Receiver   40w x 279
Yamaha CR-700Receiver   40w x 271
Yamaha CR-820Receiver   50w x 2, 55 lbs77
Yamaha CR-840Receiver   60w x 279
Yamaha CR-1000Receiver   100w x 274
Yamaha CR-1020Receiver   70w x 277
Yamaha CR-1040Receiver   80w x 279
Yamaha CR-2020Receiver   100w x 277
Yamaha CR-2040Receiver   120w x 279
Yamaha CR-3020Receiver   170w x 278
Yamaha CT-400Tuner   76
Yamaha CT-410 mkIITuner   78
Yamaha CT-600Tuner   74
Yamaha CT-610 mkIITuner   78
Yamaha CT-700Tuner   71
Yamaha CT-810Tuner   75
Yamaha CT-1010Tuner   77
Yamaha CT-7000Tuner   74
Yamaha CT-7000bTuner   76
Yamaha CX-1Pre-Solid   with phono93
Yamaha CX-2Pre-Solid   with phono93
Yamaha CX-600uPre-Solid   with remote88
Yamaha CX-630Pre-Solid   with remote90
Yamaha CX-800uPre-Solid   with remote88
Yamaha CX-830Pre-Solid   with remote90
Yamaha CX-1000uPre-Solid   with remote88
Yamaha CX-2000Pre-Solid   with remote88
Yamaha CX- 10000Pre-Solid   87
Yamaha DDP-1Surr Proc   DD decoder96
Yamaha DDP-2Surr Proc   DD decoder98
Yamaha DPX-1Video   proj, xga, 800 lumens, 18 lbs01
Yamaha DPX-1000Video   proj, wxga, 800 lumens, 31 lbs02
Yamaha DRX-1Video   dvdr, prog scan02
Yamaha DSP-AZ1Surr Proc   130w02
Yamaha DSP-1Surr Proc   ambience synthesizer86
Yamaha DSP-100uSurr Proc   89
Yamaha DSP-3000Surr Proc   surr proc88
Yamaha DSP-A1Surr Proc   7 channel, 50 lbs 98
Yamaha DSP-A1glAmp-Solid   110w, int00
Yamaha DSP-A700Surr Proc   90
Yamaha DSP-A780Surr Proc   95
Yamaha DSP-A970Surr Proc   delay, reverb93
Yamaha DSP-A1000Surr Proc   7 ch, int91
Yamaha DSP-A2070Surr Proc   80w93
Yamaha DSP-A3090Surr Proc   80w x 5, 47 lbs96
Yamaha DSP-AX1Amp-Multi   02
Yamaha DSP-E200Surr Proc   25w, 3 ch92
Yamaha DSP-E300Surr Proc   25w x 3, 15 lbs90
Yamaha DSP-E390Surr Proc   96
Yamaha DSP-E492Surr Proc   97
Yamaha DSP-E580Surr Proc   with remote95
Yamaha DSP-E1000Surr Proc   80w, 5 ch92
Yamaha DSR-70 ProSurr Proc   88
Yamaha DSR-100 ProSurr Proc   dolby surr, remote, 10 lbs88
Yamaha DT-2Equalizer   timer82
Yamaha DV-6280Video   dvd, 5 disc01
Yamaha DVD-1000Video   dig out, 8 lbs97
Yamaha DVD-C900Video   5-disc, 40 lbs98
Yamaha DVD-C961BLCD-Player   cd, sacd, 12 lbs06
Yamaha DVD-CX1Video   dvd, 5 disc02
Yamaha DVDS-1200Video   dvd, 10 bit vid, 24 bit aud01
Yamaha DVD-S1800BLCD-Player   cd, sacd, 17 lbs06
Yamaha DVD-S2300Video   dvd, sacd02
Yamaha DVD-S700Video   dig out, 8 lbs98
Yamaha DVD-S795Video   dig out, 8 lbs99
Yamaha DVD-S840Video   dvd, prog scan03
Yamaha EQ-70Equalizer   10 band90
Yamaha EQ-500uEqualizer   10 band, graphic87
Yamaha EQ-550Equalizer   10 band90
Yamaha EQ-630Equalizer   10 band, remote89
Yamaha EQ-1100uEqualizer   10 band, graphic87
Yamaha GE-5Equalizer   10 band82
Yamaha GE-20Equalizer   10 band86
Yamaha GE-30Equalizer   10 band86
Yamaha GE-40Equalizer   10 band, graphic85
Yamaha GE-60Equalizer   10 band, graphic, with analyzer85
Yamaha GX-70Receiver   system98
Yamaha HA-1Pre-Solid   78
Yamaha HTR-5130Receiver   5 ch, dolby pro logic, 40 presets00
Yamaha HTR-5140Receiver   5 ch, dolby pro logic, 40 presets00
Yamaha HTR-5150Receiver   5 ch, dolby digital, 14 surround mode00
Yamaha HTR-5230Receiver   60w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5240Receiver   70w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5250Surr Proc   100w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5280Receiver   100w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5440Receiver   65w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5450Receiver   80w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5460Receiver   100w x 5, remote01
Yamaha HTR-5490Receiver   100w x 5, remote, 33 lbs02
Yamaha HTR-5540Receiver   80w, 5ch02
Yamaha HTR-5550Receiver   80w, 5ch02
Yamaha HTR-5560Receiver   80w, 6ch02
Yamaha HTR-5590Receiver   6ch02
Yamaha HTR-5630Receiver   5ch04
Yamaha HTR-5650Receiver   6ch04
Yamaha HTR-5660Receiver   6ch04
Yamaha HTR-5730Receiver   5ch04
Yamaha HTR-5740Receiver   6ch04
Yamaha HTR-5750Receiver   04
Yamaha HTR-5760Receiver   7.1ch04
Yamaha HTR-5790Receiver   7.1ch04
Yamaha HTR-5990Receiver   7.1ch06
Yamaha HX-10000Pre-Solid   mm-mc capable87
Yamaha K-10Tape deck   dolby b82
Yamaha K-30bTape deck   86
Yamaha K-31Tape deck   dual, dolby b-c88
Yamaha K-33Tape deck   dual, auto rev88
Yamaha K-65Tape deck   dual, auto rev91
Yamaha K-90Tape deck   2 motor, dual, auto rev92
Yamaha K-142bTape deck   dual, dolby b86
Yamaha K-200Tape deck   dolby b82
Yamaha K-220Tape deck   dolby b-c85
Yamaha K-222bTape deck   2 head, dual, dolby b-c86
Yamaha K-300Tape deck   dolby b-c82
Yamaha K-320Tape deck   dolby b-c84
Yamaha K-420bTape deck   dolby b-c85
Yamaha K-500Tape deck   dolby b-c82
Yamaha K-540uTape deck   2 head, dolby b-c, hx pro88
Yamaha K-600bTape deck   dolby b-c84
Yamaha K-640bTape deck   auto rev, dolby b-c, hx pro, dbx87
Yamaha K-700bTape deck   dolby b-c83
Yamaha K-720bTape deck   auto rev, dolby b-c, hx pro, dbx85
Yamaha K-850Tape deck   80
Yamaha K-960Tape deck   dolby b, dbx81
Yamaha K-1000Tape deck   dolby b, dbx82
Yamaha K-1020bTape deck   2 head, dolby b-c, hx pro, dbx86
Yamaha K-2000Tape deck   dolby b, dbx82
Yamaha KP-300Surr Proc   97
Yamaha KPA-501Amp-Solid   65w x 2, int96
Yamaha KR-1000Tape deck   with receiver81
Yamaha KX-130Tape deck   dolby b-c89
Yamaha KX-150Tape deck   dolby b-c91
Yamaha KX-200uTape deck   dolby b-c87
Yamaha KX-230Tape deck   2 motor, hx pro, remote89
Yamaha KX-250Tape deck   dolby b-c, hx pro91
Yamaha KX-260Tape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c, hx pro92
Yamaha KX-300uTape deck   2 motor, hx pro, remote88
Yamaha KX-330Tape deck   dolby b-c, hx pro, remote90
Yamaha KX-360Tape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c, hx pro92
Yamaha KX-380Tape deck   93
Yamaha KX-390Tape deck   97
Yamaha KX-393Tape deck   98
Yamaha KX-492Tape deck   97
Yamaha KX-500uTape deck   3 motor, hx pro, remote88
Yamaha KX-530Tape deck   3 motor, hx pro, remote90
Yamaha KX-580Tape deck   93
Yamaha KX-630Tape deck   2 motor, 3 head, hx pro89
Yamaha KX-650Tape deck   3 head, remote91
Yamaha KX-670Tape deck   3 head93
Yamaha KX-690Tape deck   dolby s-b-c, hx pro97
Yamaha KX-800uTape deck   3 head, hx pro, remote88
Yamaha KX-930Tape deck   3 motor, 3 head90
Yamaha KX-1200tiTape deck   3 motor, 3 head, dbx, remote89
Yamaha KX-1200uTape deck   3 head, dbx87
Yamaha KX-R430Tape deck   auto rev, hx pro, remote89
Yamaha KX-R470Tape deck   2 motor93
Yamaha KX-R700uTape deck   3 motor, auto rev, dbx, remote88
Yamaha KX-R730Tape deck   4 motor, auto rev, hx pro90
Yamaha KX-W162Tape deck   dual, dolby b-c93
Yamaha KX-W202uTape deck   dual, auto rev, dolby b-c88
Yamaha KX-W232Tape deck   2 motor, dolby b-c90
Yamaha KX-W262Tape deck   dual, auto rev92
Yamaha KX-W282Tape deck   95
Yamaha KX-W302uTape deck   dual, auto rev, dolby b-c88
Yamaha KX-W321Tape deck   dual98
Yamaha KX-W362Tape deck   dual, auto rev, hx pro92
Yamaha KX-W382Tape deck   95
Yamaha KX-W390Tape deck   dolby b-c, hx pro97
Yamaha KX-W392Tape deck   dual, dolby b-c97
Yamaha KX-W421Tape deck   dual98
Yamaha KX-W500uTape deck   dual, 2 motor, dolby b-c87
Yamaha KX-W582Tape deck   95
Yamaha KX-W602Tape deck   dual, auto rev, hx pro, remote89
Yamaha KX-W900tiTape deck   dual, auto rev, hx pro89
Yamaha KX-W900uTape deck   dual, auto rev, 14 lbs88
Yamaha KX-W952Tape deck   dual, auto rev, hx pro, remote91
Yamaha LPX-500Video   proj, wxga, 800 lumens, 11 lbs02
Yamaha M-2Amp-Solid   240w x 279
Yamaha M-4Amp-Solid   120w x 279
Yamaha M-35Amp-Solid   20w x 486
Yamaha M-35bAmp-Solid   40w x 288
Yamaha M-40bAmp-Solid   120w x 284
Yamaha M-45bAmp-Solid   125w x 286
Yamaha M-50Amp-Solid   120w x 2, with mc, 260 lbs82
Yamaha M-60bAmp-Solid   160w x 284
Yamaha M-65bAmp-Solid   170w x 286
Yamaha M-70Amp-Solid   200w x 2, with mc, 30 lbs82
Yamaha M-80Amp-Solid   250w x 284
Yamaha M-80bAmp-Solid   250w x 284
Yamaha M-85bAmp-Solid   260w x 286
Yamaha MC-100Cartridge   MC, 0.2 mV88
Yamaha MC-501Cartridge   MC, 0.35 mV88
Yamaha MC-505Cartridge   MC, 0.35 mV88
Yamaha MC-600eReceiver   compact system73
Yamaha MC-600e18Receiver   compact system73
Yamaha MCX-1000CD-Player   recorder, client, 30 lbs03
Yamaha MCX-2000Receiver   160 gb music server06
Yamaha MDX-793Tape deck   98
Yamaha MVS-1Pre-Solid   vol cont87
Yamaha MX-1Amp-Solid   200w x 293
Yamaha MX-2Amp-Solid   150w x 293
Yamaha MX-35Amp-Solid   40w x 289
Yamaha MX-55Amp-Solid   70w x 289
Yamaha MX-460Amp-Solid   80w x 292
Yamaha MX-600Amp-Solid   135w x 289
Yamaha MX-600uAmp-Solid   135w x 288
Yamaha MX-630Amp-Solid   135w x 290
Yamaha MX-800Amp-Solid   170w x 289
Yamaha MX-800uAmp-Solid   170w x 288
Yamaha MX-830Amp-Solid   170w x 290
Yamaha MX-1000Amp-Solid   260w x 289
Yamaha MX-2000Amp-Solid   130w x 288
Yamaha MX- 10000Amp-Solid   250w x 287
Yamaha MX-D1Amp-Solid   500w, 2ch, class D, 23 lbs05
Yamaha MX-M70Amp-Solid   70w x 1, mono amp90
Yamaha NS-2000Spkr-Full   pr, 13in woof, 3way, 206lbs83
Yamaha NS-10Spkr-Moni   pr73
Yamaha NS-1000mSpkr-Moni   pr, 12in woof, 3way76
Yamaha NS-10mSpkr-Moni   pr, 7in woof, 1.3in twtr93
Yamaha NS-10mtSpkr-Moni   ea, 7in woof, 1in twtr96
Yamaha NS-A1236Spkr-Moni   98
Yamaha NS-A1237Spkr-Moni   12in woof, 4in mid, 1in twtr98
Yamaha NS-A2836Spkr-Moni   98
Yamaha NS-A2837Spkr-Moni   2-8in woofs, 4in mid, 1in twtr98
Yamaha NS-A327Spkr-Moni   pr, 3.5in woof, .75in twtr98
Yamaha NS-A527Spkr-Moni   pr, 6in woof, .75in twtr98
Yamaha NS-A637Spkr-Moni   pr, 8in woof, 3way98
Yamaha NS-A837Spkr-Moni   12in woof, 4in mid, 1in twtr98
Yamaha NS-AP101Spkr-Moni   3 piece, 5in woofs98
Yamaha NS-E103Spkr-Moni   pr, 4in mid98
Yamaha P-10Turntable   with cartridge82
Yamaha P-20Turntable   with cartridge82
Yamaha P-28Turntable   with cartridge86
Yamaha P-30bTurntable   with cartridge86
Yamaha P-31Turntable   belt, with cartridge88
Yamaha P-90mTurntable   belt, auto89
Yamaha P-200Turntable   82
Yamaha P-300Turntable   82
Yamaha P-320bTurntable   belt, 33, 4584
Yamaha P-350Turntable   80
Yamaha P-450Turntable   80
Yamaha P-500Turntable   82
Yamaha P-520bTurntable   direct, 33, 45, strobe84
Yamaha P-530bTurntable   direct, 33, 4586
Yamaha P-550Turntable   80
Yamaha P-700Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Yamaha P-750Turntable   80
Yamaha P-751Turntable   81
Yamaha P-850Turntable   81
Yamaha PC-6CD-Player   85
Yamaha PC-8bCD-Player   86
Yamaha PDM-1Video   plasma, 1366x768, 95 lbs03
Yamaha PDM-4210Video   plasma, 1024x1024, 78 lbs04
Yamaha PF-20bTurntable   belt, 33, 4586
Yamaha PF-30bTurntable   belt, 33, 4586
Yamaha PF-50bTurntable   direct, 33, 4586
Yamaha PF-800bTurntable   belt, 33, 4584
Yamaha PF-1000Turntable   belt, 40 lbs86
Yamaha PX-2Turntable   80
Yamaha PX-3Turntable   direct, 33, 4582
Yamaha R-3bReceiver   35w x 286
Yamaha R-5bReceiver   50w x 286
Yamaha R-5sReceiver   50w x 285
Yamaha R-7bReceiver   65w x 286
Yamaha R-8bReceiver   85w x 286
Yamaha R-9bReceiver   125w x 286
Yamaha R-10Receiver   81
Yamaha R-30sReceiver   25w x 283
Yamaha R-50sReceiver   35w x 283
Yamaha R-70sReceiver   45w x 283
Yamaha R-85Receiver   45w x 292
Yamaha R-90sReceiver   90w x 283
Yamaha R-100sReceiver   100w x 283
Yamaha R-300Receiver   30w x 281
Yamaha R-500Receiver   40w x 281
Yamaha R-700Receiver   50w x 281
Yamaha R-900Receiver   70w x 281
Yamaha R-1000Receiver   100w x 281
Yamaha R-2000Receiver   175w, 2ch81
Yamaha RP-U100Receiver   virtual dolby dig, usb port, coaxial and opt digital inputs00
Yamaha RP-U200Receiver   5 ch, 9 band eq01
Yamaha R-V1103Receiver   98
Yamaha R-V1105Receiver   5 ch, DD, DTS99
Yamaha R-V303Receiver   02
Yamaha R-V503Receiver   98
Yamaha R-V703Receiver   98
Yamaha R-V902Receiver   98
Yamaha RX-300uReceiver   37w x 287
Yamaha RX-330Receiver   40w x 289
Yamaha RX-350Receiver   40w x 291
Yamaha RX-360Receiver   45w x 292
Yamaha RX-385Receiver   45w x 293
Yamaha RX-395Receiver   90w x 297
Yamaha RX-396Receiver   50w x 298
Yamaha RX-450Receiver   45w x 291
Yamaha RX-460Receiver   55w x 292
Yamaha RX-485Receiver   65w x 293
Yamaha RX-495Receiver   140w x 297
Yamaha RX-500uReceiver   50w x 287
Yamaha RX-530Receiver   50w x 289
Yamaha RX-550Receiver   60w x 291
Yamaha RX-570Receiver   70w x 293
Yamaha RX-595Receiver   80w x 296
Yamaha RX-596Receiver   80w x 298
Yamaha RX-700uReceiver   65w x 287
Yamaha RX-730Receiver   70w x 289
Yamaha RX-750Receiver   80w x 291
Yamaha RX-770Receiver   170w x 293
Yamaha RX-777Receiver   100w02
Yamaha RX-830Receiver   70w x 289
Yamaha RX-900uReceiver   85w x 287
Yamaha RX-930Receiver   85w x 289
Yamaha RX-950Receiver   120w x 291
Yamaha RX-1100uReceiver   125w x 287
Yamaha RX-1130Receiver   125w x 289
Yamaha RX-V1Receiver   8 ch00
Yamaha RX-V293Receiver   DD00
Yamaha RX-V390Receiver   195w x 296
Yamaha RX-V392Receiver   50w x 297
Yamaha RX-V393Receiver   50w x 298
Yamaha RX-V395Receiver   60w x 5, dolby pro logic, 40 presets00
Yamaha RX-V396Receiver   5 ch, dolby digital, 40 presets00
Yamaha RX-V420Receiver   65w x 501
Yamaha RX-V470Receiver   with remote93
Yamaha RX-V480Receiver   60w LCR, 15w R93
Yamaha RX-V490Receiver   70w LCR, 15w R96
Yamaha RX-V492Receiver   70w x 297
Yamaha RX-V495Receiver   60w x 5, dolby digital, 40 presets00
Yamaha RX-V496Receiver   5.1 ch, dolby digital, 40 presets00
Yamaha RX-V520Receiver   80w x 501
Yamaha RX-V590Receiver   75w x 295
Yamaha RX-V592Receiver   75w97
Yamaha RX-V595Receiver   5 ch, DD98
Yamaha RX-V596Receiver   80w x 2, 4 audio and 2 av inputs00
Yamaha RX-V620Receiver   100w x 501
Yamaha RX-V660Receiver   65w x 292
Yamaha RX-V670Receiver   with remote93
Yamaha RX-V690Receiver   96
Yamaha RX-V692Receiver   80w x 297
Yamaha RX-V793Receiver   98
Yamaha RX-V795Receiver   80w x 598
Yamaha RX-V800Receiver   100w x 501
Yamaha RX-V850Receiver   80w x 291
Yamaha RX-V870Receiver   with remote93
Yamaha RX-V890Receiver   96
Yamaha RX-V990Receiver   100w LCR, 50w R97
Yamaha RX-V992Receiver   80w x 297
Yamaha RX-V995Receiver   5 ch00
Yamaha RXV-3000Receiver   100w x 6, 49 dsp modes01
Yamaha RXV-995Receiver   100w x 5, dts, 31lbs00
Yamaha RX-V1000Receiver   100w x 501
Yamaha RX-V1050Receiver   110w x 291
Yamaha RX-V1070Receiver   with remote93
Yamaha RX-V1200Receiver   80w x 6, remote00
Yamaha RX-V1300Receiver   100w, 6ch03
Yamaha RX-V1400Receiver   110w, 7ch04
Yamaha RX-V1500Receiver   120w, 7ch04
Yamaha RX-V1600Receiver   120w, 7ch06
Yamaha RX-V2090Receiver   with remote95
Yamaha RX-V2092Receiver   100w x 297
Yamaha RX-V2095Receiver   7 ch98
Yamaha RX-V2200Receiver   100w, 6ch01
Yamaha RX-V2300Receiver   110w, 6ch02
Yamaha RX-V2400Receiver   7ch04
Yamaha RX-V2500Receiver   130w, 7ch05
Yamaha RX-V2600Receiver   7ch, xm ready06
Yamaha RX-V2700Receiver   140w, 7ch, 38 lbs07
Yamaha RX-V3000Surr Proc   100w x 6, 25w x 2, 50 lbs 01
Yamaha RX-V3200Receiver   120w, 6ch02
Yamaha RX-V3300Receiver   130w, 6ch, DTS, 49 lbs02
Yamaha RX-V3900Receiver   140w, 7ch, 39 lbs09
Yamaha RX-V430Receiver   75w, 5ch02
Yamaha RX-V440Receiver   6ch03
Yamaha RX-V450Receiver   6ch04
Yamaha RX-V4600Receiver   130w, 7ch05
Yamaha RX-V530Receiver   75w, 5ch02
Yamaha RX-V550Receiver   04
Yamaha RX-V630Receiver   75w, 6ch02
Yamaha RX-V640Receiver   6ch03
Yamaha RX-V650Receiver   04
Yamaha RX-V657Receiver   95w, 7ch05
Yamaha RX-V730Receiver   75w, 6ch02
Yamaha RX-V740Receiver   03
Yamaha RX-V750Receiver   7ch04
Yamaha RX-V757Receiver   100w, 7ch05
Yamaha RX-V863Receiver   105w, 7.2ch08
Yamaha RX-Z1Receiver   130w F, 6ch, 62 lbs02
Yamaha RX-Z11Receiver   140w, 7ch, hdmi08
Yamaha RX-Z7Receiver   140w, 7ch, 50 lbs07
Yamaha RX-Z9Receiver   9ch, 70 lbs04
Yamaha S-2300 mkIIVideo   dvd, 30 lbs04
Yamaha SR-50Surr Proc   86
Yamaha SR-50bSurr Proc   92
Yamaha SR-100Surr Proc   90
Yamaha T-1Tuner   78
Yamaha T-2Tuner   78
Yamaha T-2xTuner   85
Yamaha T-7Tuner   80
Yamaha T-10Tuner   81
Yamaha T-20Tuner   82
Yamaha T-30bTuner   86
Yamaha T-33Tuner   88
Yamaha T-60Tuner   91
Yamaha T-70Tuner   9 lbs83
Yamaha T-80Tuner   11 lbs85
Yamaha T-80bTuner   84
Yamaha T-85Tuner   am-fm, 11 lbs86
Yamaha T-90mTuner   89
Yamaha T-28bTuner   86
Yamaha T-300Tuner   82
Yamaha T-320Tuner   85
Yamaha T-420bTuner   86
Yamaha T-460Tuner   81
Yamaha T-500Tuner   6 lbs82
Yamaha T-520Tuner   8 lbs85
Yamaha T-520bTuner   86
Yamaha T-550Tuner   80
Yamaha T-560Tuner   81
Yamaha T-700Tuner   9 lbs83
Yamaha T-700bTuner   83
Yamaha T-720bTuner   86
Yamaha T-760Tuner   81
Yamaha T-960Tuner   81
Yamaha T-960 mkIITuner   82
Yamaha T-1000Tuner   9 lbs83
Yamaha T-1000bTuner   83
Yamaha T-1020bTuner   86
Yamaha T-1060Tuner   81
Yamaha T-2000Tuner   14 lbs88
Yamaha TC-320Tape deck   78
Yamaha TC-511sTape deck   76
Yamaha TC-520Tape deck   78
Yamaha TC-700Tape deck   73
Yamaha TC-720Tape deck   78
Yamaha TC-800dTape deck   77
Yamaha TC-800glTape deck   76
Yamaha TC-920bTape deck   78
Yamaha TC-1000Tape deck   78
Yamaha TK-31Turntable   91
Yamaha TT-300uTurntable   belt, 33, 4587
Yamaha TT-400uTurntable   belt, 33, 4587
Yamaha TT-500uTurntable   direct, 33, 4587
Yamaha TX-330tiTuner   89
Yamaha TX-340Tuner   90
Yamaha TX-350Tuner   91
Yamaha TX-400uTuner   presets, remote capable87
Yamaha TX-450Tuner   91
Yamaha TX-470Tuner   93
Yamaha TX-480Tuner   am-fm, presets95
Yamaha TX-492Tuner   98
Yamaha TX-500uTuner   87
Yamaha TX-530tiTuner   89
Yamaha TX-540Tuner   90
Yamaha TX-550Tuner   91
Yamaha TX-900uTuner   presets, lcd display87
Yamaha TX-930Tuner   90
Yamaha TX-950Tuner   am-fm, presets91
Yamaha TX-1000uTuner   88
Yamaha TX-2000Tuner   88
Yamaha UD-500Surr Proc   76
Yamaha VD-520Surr Proc   74
Yamaha YHT-10Receiver   70w x 298
Yamaha YHT-15Receiver   20w x 298
Yamaha YHT-20Receiver   98
Yamaha YHT-21Receiver   50w x 298
Yamaha YHT-30Receiver   98
Yamaha YHT-31Receiver   70w x 298
Yamaha YHT-900Receiver   5 disc dvd02
Yamaha YMC-700Surr Proc   media controller, 8 lbs09
Yamaha YP-8Turntable   79
Yamaha YP-70Turntable   70
Yamaha YP-211Turntable   77
Yamaha YP-450Turntable   76
Yamaha YP-500Turntable   71
Yamaha YP-700 Turntable   73
Yamaha YP-701Turntable   74
Yamaha YP-800Turntable   76
Yamaha YP-801Turntable   77
Yamaha YP-B2Turntable   79
Yamaha YP-B4Turntable   77
Yamaha YP-D4Turntable   79
Yamaha YP-D6Turntable   77
Yamaha YP-D7Turntable   79
Yamaha YP-D8Turntable   78
Yamaha YP-D10Turntable   78
Yamaha YSP-1Video   dig sound projector05
Yamaha YSP-1000Spkr-Full   2 woofs, 42 drivers06
Yamaha YSP-1100Spkr-Full   syst, 1 pc, remote06
Yamaha YSP-4000Spkr-Moni   08
Yamaha YST-1Spkr-Full   2 woofs, 40 twtrs05
Yamaha YST-7Receiver   90
Yamaha YST-9Receiver   91
Yamaha YST-99cdReceiver   91
Yamaha YST-A5Receiver   90
Yamaha YST-A90mReceiver   sys89
Yamaha YST-C10Receiver   90
Yamaha YST-C11Receiver   sys, cd, cass, tnr, remote92
Yamaha YST-NC1Receiver   sys, dual cass, cd92
Yamaha YST-SW40Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof98
Yamaha YST-SW50Subwoofer   each91
Yamaha YST-SW60Subwoofer   powered, 7in woof93
Yamaha YST-SW150Subwoofer   powered, 2-8in woofs96
Yamaha YST-SW1500Subwoofer   12in woof03
Yamaha YST-SW160Subwoofer   powered, 2-8in woofs00
Yamaha YST-SW205Subwoofer   powered, 8in woof01
Yamaha YST-SW300Subwoofer   powered, 12in woof98
Yamaha YST-SW315Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof04
Yamaha YST-SW800Subwoofer   powered, 10in woof01
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