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  Pass, Atma, Esoteric, Merlin Workshop
Pass Labs XA-160.8
160/320wpc Class A monoblocks. Probably the last amps I'll need.
Sony Modded SCD-1
Modded SCD-1 with full battery power, dual mono implementation of ESS 32-bit Sabre DAC digital section, passive analog output stage of Audio Consulting New Silver Rock 1:2 Silver transformers, Audiocom SC4 & Invisus discrete DC regulators.
Twisted Pear/Sony SCD-1 32bit ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC Upgrade
Replaced Sony SCD-1 stock VC-24 & S-TACT DAC section with Twisted Pear Buffalo II DAC-- a PCB mounted with ESS's latest 32-bit ES9018 Sabre DAC chip as used in McIntosh MCD 1100, Oppo BDP-95, and Wyrd4Sound. Further upgraded from stereo to dual-mono configuration of Sabre DACs. In dual mono configuration, each monolithic Sabre chip parallels eight balanced DAC circuits per channel, achieving -135db DNR and -120db THD. For DIY use only Twisted Pear Audio packages the Sabre chip with a 100mHz clock on a compact pcb powered by eight discrete current-shunt regulator subassemblies. A great testament to the high quality of DIY forum projects available these days. The TP Buffalo II modules can be adapted to pretty much any commercial CDP or combined with other TP modules to make a standalone DAC supporting universal data rate inputs.
Merlin VSM Crossover Mod Claritycap MR
Claritycap's best MR series reportedly has construction designed to reduce internal resonance. Great sound, but a tight fit inside an inboard crossover.
Merlin VSM Crossover Mod: Duelund Resistors with 2.0 V2 Wire
Long tubes packed with graphite-- which reportedly stabilizes driver impedance that fluctuates with heat in voice coil. Transparent & musical.

Duelund 2.0 V2 silver foil wire in oiled silk insulation(not shown) is a clear step up from stock Cardas stranded copper coax.
Merlin VSM Tweeter Diffuser Tweak
A detachable panel of felt strips diffuses tweeter reflections across the front baffle-- an idea adopted from John Dunlavy's Duntech speakers. Cleaner, smoother treble with more low-level detail and layering.
Tannoy ST-100 Supertweeter
Titanium dome supertweeter with variable corner points and output levels.
Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable
The L-07D is all about the rhythm and flow of direct drive. Once this is appreciated it becomes harder to unpack other metrics of the listening experience and easier just to settle in and forget about the machine.

Iíve been listening to the L-07D mostly with a modified Trans-Fi Terminator linear tonearm. The platter is a sandwich of Trans-Fi Resomat over TT Weights 4 lb. copper mat, on top of the stock Kenwood stainless steel platter. The TT is sited with Stillpoints Ultra 5s under the Kenwood brass footers, on top of a large sprung sandbox with separate sand compartments at each corner.
VPI Modded TNT with thread drive
An inelastic thread is audibly more speed-stable than stock VPI rubber bands, but tensioned thread is difficult to implement in the drive train without slippage. Adding a system of guide rollers improves grip by wrapping the thread around 300 degrees of the circumference of each drive pulley or platter. The guide roller system has the ancillary benefit of decreasing lateral loads on the motor, flywheel & platter bearings, since the force vectors of the tensioned thread cancel as the wrap approaches the full circumference.
Trans-fi Modded Terminator Pro Linear Air Bearing Tonearm
Low-pressure air bearing minimizes pulsing at stylus. Short 2" flat aluminum arm wand minimizes resonance. DIY sled of carbon fiber on foam core reduces horizontal mass by 70%. Update to brass core and pedestal improves performance. VTA-on-the-fly. A real giant killer.
Trans-Fi Custom Arm Wand for Universal Headshells
Custom pivot with SME-style bayonet receptacle accepts standard headshells. Dual counterweights front and back allow variable vertical effective mass. Straight-shot wiring from phono stage to cartridge pins bypasses the SME coupling.
Trans-Fi Reso-Mat Turntable Mat
LP is elevated on vinyl acetate cones. Works well with or without light clamping to cup down LP onto the points.
DIY Turntable Hardwood Sandbox with Segmented Top Plate
The top plate of this sandbox for the modified VPI TNT has been segmented into eight subsections in order to isolate each TT suspension element from every other. The purpose is to prevent internal TT vibration from traveling across the top plate and back into the system through adjacent suspension elements. There are separate top plates for each of four feet, motor, flywheel, and spindle bearing housing. (The spindle bearing housing of my TT has been modified to couple directly to the sandbox top plate via an extensible brass footer.) Taking a cue from Thom at Galibier, tall aluminum angle is fastened to the bottom of each wood plate in order to improve coupling to the sand. The decorative blanking plate is plywood. The small sections that do the work are 1" Kingswood-- a very dense hardwood.
Mark Kelly AC-1 Turntable Drive Controller
Speed controller kit for AC synchronous motors. Digital & analog circuitry derive two phases of the AC sine wave from a 12V battery source. To take advantage of two-phase capability (in contrast to single-phase VPI SDS & Walker drive controllers), the AC-1 requires removal of the phasing capacitor from AC motor.

Add-ons to the kit include integrated battery charger, front-panel voltmeter, battery filtering capacitor array, and Madagascar ebony fascia. Sounds great, and the stability of piano on TT now equals my CDP.
Audio Research Modded PH-2 Phono Stage
Balanced SS phono w/48db gain with many mods including continuously variable phono loading via optocoupler photo-sensitive resistors, Schottky rectifiers, and Multicap, ClarityCap, REL & NOS Russian teflon in coupling & power supply. Caddock TF020 resistors are used at input to first gain stage-- the most critical area.
Various MC & MM/MI Cartridges
Ortofon MC2000, Denon DL-S1, Audio Technica ART7, Lyra Helikon w/Soundsmith OCL diamond, AQ7000 Fe5, Azden YM-P50VL, Sonus Blue/Gold, Astatic MF-100, Sumiko Andante P76, Sumiko Virtuoso DTi, Empire 888,999,1000Z,2000Z, Pickering XSV3000, Audio Technica AT20SS, Acutex M320IIISTR, Acutex LPM420 STR & LPM415, Stanton 981LZS, Grace F9 w/Soundsmith Ruby OCL tip.
Soundsmith Grace F9 Ruby OCL Stylus
Soundsmith's top turn-key stylus assembly for a classic Grace cartridge.
Atma-Sphere Modded MP-1 Mark II.2
Integrated phono preamp modded with light-dependent resistor volume control, V-Cap TFTF & ClarityCap MR coupling caps, Texas Components TX2575 & Caddock TF020 resistors, "superpaks" of Russian oil & teflon filtering caps, and phono section converted to hybrid SS/tube with over 70db gain.
Atma-Sphere Modded MP-1 Power Supply Chassis
Allen Wright VSE Superregulators with large Mundorf Tubecap polyprop film caps, Cree SiC Schottky diodes, and a 1.5uf stack of NOS Russian FT-3 teflon bypass caps.
Balanced Audio Modded VK-75SE
Several upgrades take this amp to a much higher level of resolution & transparency. Replace stock BAT/Jensen paper-in-oil coupling caps with V-Cap TFTF teflon caps. Replace 2' Belden intrachassis IC with high-quality silver IC. Replace seven 4-pin silicon bridge rectifiers with discrete Schottky zero-recovery diodes. Replace select resistors around small signal tubes with TX2575 resistors. Bypass electrolytics with film caps-- similar to BAT Superpaks as found in latest REX version.
Velodyne Modded DD-15
DD-15 sits on Auralex foam plaform & connects to preamp via balanced line through Jensen Iso-Max transformer. Sub is crossed over to Merlins at 30Hz/24db octave.

The DD-15 has much improved speed & impact after replacing the stock 4-pin bridge rectifier with discrete Schottky diodes & replacing the stock internal speaker wire with a litz braid of Audio Consulting silver wire in cotton sleeves.
Sennheiser HE60 Electrostatic Headphones
Electrostatic headphones
Balanced Power DIY Power Conditioner/Distributor
Signal DU-5 5kva transformer in DIY wood enclosure. Hardwired umbilicals in/out made of star-quad twists of 12awg teflon-insulated silver-plated cu wire inside tubes damped with non-magnetic metal powder fill. Acme cryo-treated silver-plated outlet with ebony facia. Vintage Audio Lab rhodium-plated copper AC and IEC connectors.
Starsound SP-1 & Apprentice
Great stand, particularly under CDP, sub, and speakers.
Stillpoints Ultra 5, Ultra SS, Ultra Mini
Using them all.
Esoteric K-01X
My final CDP.
Stanford Research Systems Performance 10 Rubidium clock
10Mhz master clock for K-01X. SRS is OEM manufacturer for Esoteric. Same rubidium core as used in the G01. A very meaningful improvement to K-01X-- further enhanced with the addition a Paul Hynes 12Vdc linear power supply.
Pass Labs XP-25
Reference phono stage customized with ClarityCap MR coupling caps and TX2575 load resistors. Gain and load settings for everything from HOMM/MI down to LOMC with .05Mv output.
DIY Power Cord .999 Silver Power Cord
A variation of the VH Audio recipe using better materials. 8x 20awg silver strands per conductor are pulled through a polyolefin heat shrink tube and twisted. An outer spiral wrap of Radio Shack Megacable(flat 2x 14awg copper speaker cable) serves as both a safety ground and a partial shield. Cool enough looking to be left bare without adding the usual poly mesh.
Starsound Rhythm RP-5 Rack
It's performance proves that a rack is an audio component, not just furniture.