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  The Old "One-Two".
Oracle CD2000 ($7700)
Suspended CDT with integral Black Diamond Racing "Shelf for the Source" plinth.
Acoustic Revive DSIX ($1100)
Powered digital cable with internal isolation transformer(2 ea XLR's and one RCA).
Acoustic Revive DPS-1 ($1500)
Ultra rare PSU for DSIX digital cable.
Empirical Audio Pace-Car ($1800)
Digital Re-Clocker w/Ultraclock.
Revelation Audio Lab Passage Silver DB-25 Reference ($599)
Power cable that connects CDT to PSU.
P.S. Audio Perfect Wave ($2995)
New gen dac with Minimum Phase and Apodizing filter's(coming soon).
Black Diamond Racing Mini Pits.
Used as an interface between the Source shelf and Apex feet.
Acoustic Revive RTP-6 Evolution ($2700)
Six outlet conditioner.
Acoustic Revive. RTP-2 Ultimate. ($$1595)
Two-outlet conditioner w/special Oyaide R-1 outlet. 2ea(one for amp and the other for source).
Acoustic Revive. RCA-1.0PA ($1275)
PCOCC-A Solid-Core.
Acoustic Revive XLR-1.0PA ($1785)
PCOCC-A single-Core IC(three meter pair).
Quantum Symphony Pro/Pro 2x ($900)
Quantum resonance technology that works(3ea). Why? Dunno.
Audio Magic Tubed IC ($3995)
Active silver IC with ribbon conductor's that utilizes 6922(NOS versions can be substituted)tubes and separate PSU.
Audio Magic Digital Mini Stealth ($799)
PLC for CDT/Dac
Audio Magic Mini Stealth ($799)
For Intergrated Amp.
Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX ($395)
Absorbs RFI/EMI when placed inside component. One each for Dac, Transport and Intergrated.
PS Audio PP500 ($2195)
A/C regenerator for source components.
P.S. Audio Power Plant 300 w/Multiwave II ($1995)
A/C Regenerator for intergrated amp.
P.S. Audio Soloist Premier. ($249)
Clean power starts at the wall. One each for intergrated amp and front-end.
P.S. Audio Power Port Premier ($99)
Upgraded A/C outlet for PP300(two channel and Cryoed)and PP500. 5 ea.
P.S. Audio Xtreme Statement ($900)
Two meters. I also have two Power Punch in an IEC and C7 version.
Oyaide R1 ($130)
Highly sought after A/C receptacle(2ea). The amp will have an R1, while the other will serve as the starting point for the digital front-end and supporting accessories.
Oyaide SWO-XXX Ultima ($89)
Subordinate only to the R-1(2 ea).
Nordost Titanium Pulsar Points ($500)
Used to isolate CDT PSU on Ultra Shelf.
Symposium Ultra ($$400)
Mini Stealth Ultra to be used with transport PSU.
Electraglide Epiphany X ($6000)
Electraglide Classic ($600)
Original and first sub $1k PC that started all the crazy pricing.
Blue Circle Audio Blue Circle BC86 Mk 2 ($110)
Paralell filter.
Acoustic Revive. SIP-8F ($225)
RCA Shorting Plugs.
Acoustic Revive. BSIP-2F ($100)
XLR Shorting Plugs.
Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11 ($300)
Grand Prix Audio F-1 Formula Shelf ($2700)
Carbon/Kevlar composite shelf that provides additional isolation from vibration. One each for the transport, dac and intergrated amp.
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Amp ($1499)
Filled with Star Sound Micro Bearings.
Grand Prix Audio Monaco ($5600)
Four-tier rack filled with Star Sound Micro-fill steel bearings.
Grand Prix Audio Apex ($2750)
Carbon Feet with Nitrile balls. Five Sets.
ASC Shadowcaster 2 ($2200)
Can be used for reflection and absorbtion by turning five integral adjustable tubes. Used primarily at the first reflection point(no longer available).
Audio Replas CPC-35SZ ($695)
Reduces resonance on A/C plugs
M.I.T. Z1 Stabilizer ($995)
Original Parallel Filter(2ea).
Audioprism Ground Control Reference ($149)
Two each.
Audioprism Ground Control standard ($99)
RCA. Two each.
Audioprism Ground Control Reference ($249)
Audioprism Ground Control Standard. ($149)
Merlin Music Systems Merlin Master ($$13,600)
Latest & Greatest.
Ars-Sonum Gran ($$10,000)
Coming soon.